WHAT MAKES THE PC SLOW DOWN after a good clean up

  dom dom 00:01 07 Sep 2007

I'm still experiencing a slow start up as well upload software like Widows Word.
Before drive everyone mad finding solution, Ill tell you what I have done:
- reduce the start up program by running "msconfig"
- clean up all the stuff left from websites [temporary files, cookies, etc"] by running CCleaner.
- Clean registry by using RegScrubXP and CCleaner. Also try different programs. One of them found more than 1500 problem n my registry but didn t use.
- diskclean up everytime leave Explorer and defrag 2 times per week
- scan carry out by Norton for viruses and other threat.

NOTE: Is not possible to defrag the all disk because full of stuff from a back up. I did it because don tknow what gonna happen if some registry will be delated.
There is any way to understand what is right and what is not?
How can I get rid of Softaware registry without compromise the all system?
any suggestion?

  brundle 00:03 07 Sep 2007

Unfortunately the most likely candidate for causing sluggish performance is Norton itself.

  Earthsea 00:40 07 Sep 2007

brundle's right, Norton is notorious for slowing machines down. You could use a free AV and firewall like AVG and ZoneAlarm instead.

Don't worry too much about the registry, running RegScrubXP and CCleaner is all you need.

Also, get rid of anything you don't need to reduce your C: partition (and any others) to less than 80% capacity. Easiest way is to go to Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and uninstall what you don't need. Make sure you know what it is before uninstalling, though.

BootVis helps speed up boot up too click here

Just go to Trace>Optimize System

  Earthsea 01:00 07 Sep 2007

Have you checked for malware?

SuperAntiSpyware click here
Ad-Aware click here
Spybot click here

  CodeMeister 08:52 07 Sep 2007

Whenever my P.C. gets into a state like that, I find that it's better to spend the time reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling everything. At least then, you know that you are starting off with a "clean" machine. I find it very therapeutic as well.

  v1asco 09:08 07 Sep 2007

I use Nortons and without wishing to start the old and tedious Nortons debate, whenever I clean up my system it is always faster. Any programme, by logic, should not cause your system to be slower than before if it was on the system pre clean up.

Had you just installed Nortons or has it been resident for a while?

  [email protected] 09:30 07 Sep 2007

'NOTE: it is not possible to defrag the all disk
i don't understand this, how much space to you have free on the hard drive? i find keeping mine under 75% helps, if your main o/s (C) drive is more than 50% full try moving page file to a second drive or reducing it to a minimum if you have enough ram.
i find the biggest speed increase a pc can have is ram they love it.
im a little obsessed by the performance of my gaming pc, this is how it's set up:
amd 6000x2 clocked 3.6
2gb 6400 ddr2 ram 860 mhz
8800 gtx @ 630/1050
xp pro and norton 2007 on a 80 gb hdd, all othe programs and a tiny page file for error logging on a second 260 gb hard drive.
everything in ms config off except av and system.
32 running processes
defrag once a month
ccleaner once a week
system restore turned off run a full back up to an external drive every fortnight.
and clean the dust/ fans every fortnight.

it's in the top 5% on 3d benchmark (would be higher with an intel no doubt)
made it myself
im an utter noob so hope i have not given any bad advice as the above was trial and painful error.
hope you find something useful in the above.

  [email protected] 09:36 07 Sep 2007

and i clean registry manually through regedit, i just remove entries of deleted programs, some will recommend against this, i just couldnt find a registry program that didnt dismantle games downloaders.

  kdt 09:41 07 Sep 2007

i installed PageDefrag v.32 and Contig v1.54 from sysinternals Microsoft with defrag every boot.
worth having a look.

  dom dom 18:52 09 Sep 2007

Thanks to everybody. Now a quick reply:
To Adman2: Im a bit worry trying to delete entry in registry. How can you see if there is useless or active registry that I dont need? For ex.: I can see that and a trace of Kazaa still in my registry under SOFTWARE installed 5 years ago. How can I make sure that this entry is not in use or linked to other entries? There a lot of stuff....

CodeMeister: I have consider to format the machine: do I have to save all my document and sftware somewhere else or there is an option that allowed me to save them?

Earthsea: I do agree. Norton slow down the system but before it wasn't this slow. I also keeing trying anti Malware and Spyware, but don't seam be the cause of this my slow down machine.

I'd like to get more info regarding the registry entries. For ex.: what (value not set) means? or what 0x00000428 (1064) standing for? Can I delete this stuff or not?

  Earthsea 22:15 09 Sep 2007

Try RegSeeker click here

Select 'Clean the Registry', make sure all boxes are ticked, then click OK. When it's finished scanning, click Select>Select All (at the bottom) to highlight them then click Action>Delete Selected Items to delete them. Repeat until no more entries are found or a few entries are left that refuse to delete. You'll be prompted to make a backup before each deletion.

Defrag using Diskeeper Lite click here

How much free space do your partitions have?

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