what is the main purposes of an operating system

  THE BEST 10:46 28 Jan 2003

what is the main purposes of an operating system

  nightporter 10:48 28 Jan 2003

Er the PC wont work without it?

  Djohn 10:50 28 Jan 2003

Erm! to operate the system! :o)

  €dstow 10:54 28 Jan 2003

Why do you wish to know this?


  kuhbler 10:57 28 Jan 2003

Isn't it to irritate and annoy the hell out of us?

  ardvarc 10:59 28 Jan 2003

It's a windup thread

  €dstow 11:00 28 Jan 2003

That's what I wondered but, if the questioner comes back with a good reason, I thought that we could give a reasoned explanation.



  THE BEST 11:00 28 Jan 2003

no it is for a project i have to do

  Big Ben 11:03 28 Jan 2003

The purpose of an operating system is to make huge sums of money for a certain Mr Gates and his shareholders, for updating a program several times a year and charging you the same price for a slightly prettier version - but like the murphys, i'm not bitter!

  Djohn 11:04 28 Jan 2003

And the project is!..

  €dstow 11:05 28 Jan 2003

To provide access to the mathematical capabilities of the central processing unit (CPU), guide the way the CPU functions in carrying out its mathematical processes and allow interaction between the computer system and a human operative to see and/or act on the results produced.


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