what to look for in new pc

  triphina 14:38 03 Oct 2006

My computer is about 5/6 years old with Me installed. It's getting slower & more unreliable - I had to restart 3 times to get this far!
I need to buy a new computer that can handle the internet, small business acccounts, storing photos, music and kids school projects. I also need a computer that can cope when Vista is finally here so it can be installed without too much trouble if and when needed. My budget is about £1,000.

I would welcome any advice on what to look for in a new computer, written in idiot proof language! Thanks for reading.

  Belatucadrus 14:59 03 Oct 2006

None of the stuff you've listed is very demanding, so I doubt you need to spend anywhere near that much. Just look for something that's specified as Vista ready.
As to the old PC getting slower, I'd backup everything, reformat and start again, assuming you've got the windows disk,drivers and all the necessary software. Invariably gives a very handy performance boost by getting rid of the accumulated dross of years.

  triphina 15:17 03 Oct 2006

Tried the clear out and sort out thing 12 months ago due to a total collapse - of the comp not me! it worked for a short time but kids putting stuff on as quick as I can take it off!
I know that the lack of memory is a big reason for the slowness, the memory on new models is at least 10 times the amount that I have!

  Belatucadrus 16:07 03 Oct 2006

click here Memory upgrades are easy enough.
When you say "clear out and sort out thing" how far did you go, a full reformat is really starting again from scratch and when the systems begun to crawl, well worth the effort.

  triphina 17:44 03 Oct 2006

When I say clear out I mean totally reinstalling everything with guidance from microsoft. Whole thing had gone hopelessly wrong after downloading a patch from their site.

I will look into memory upgrade but with Me support being dropped I may still upgrade to XP.

Thanks for help.

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