what is legal and illegal

  john1000 22:43 21 Mar 2005

hi all i have a question i hope someone can answer is downloading a divx film illegal?i know if someone rips a dvd to divx thats illegal they break all copyright laws etc but the divx film is in different format and of course you have not done anything as you have never had the origanal disk with all the warnings on etc , if you know what i mean,if it is illegal then how do you tell from an origanal divx filim trailer etc or a ripped one just curious asked on other forums but to be honest had so many answers i dont know what to believe thanks

  joethebow 22:55 21 Mar 2005

Basically, if you download movies, music ebook or software from the net that you would have to pay for in the shops and you don't pay a download fee then you have stolen it. Dosen't matter what format it's in.

Virtualy everything you download on P2P or Torrents is illegal.

The only stuff that it's OK to download is Shareware or Freeware but ther's not too many films released as either of these.

  john1000 23:04 21 Mar 2005

ok i see i just thought there was a difference thanks for the advice

  TomJerry 23:55 21 Mar 2005

it is very very easy to find out who download what and when if someone ask the logbook from ISPs

  Jak_1 00:32 22 Mar 2005

In short it's illegal. But what you do is very much up to you and what you feel about the laws and the way the 'entertainment industry' overcharge for films and music in the shops!

  wee eddie 08:33 22 Mar 2005

It is not illegal to download a movie.

However, it is illegal to steal someone else's property.

Therefor: The owner/maker may give you his permission to download his movie. (If someone else has copied it and transferred it to a different format, it still retains it's original ownership) If it was made in Hollywood, there will probably be a fee.

You could download the ones I made for nothing!

  ami 01:28 23 Mar 2005

Elements in this thread are both right and wrong, confused? you will be.
It's not illegal to breach copyright in so much as it's not a crime against statute, which theft is. It could however give rise to a civil action (an action in Tort) by the copyright owner. It's a breach of copyright to copy, by whatever means, inluding copying to a computer's hard drive via a download over the Internet, any work either written, visual or audio for which the author has claimed and asserted his right to be recognised as the author of that work and therefore the owner of its copyright.
The normal result where a breach of copyright is alleged is a civil action for damages, ie the payment of money!
Some exceptions are where the author specifically states that his or her work may be freely copied, as with a lot of clip art on the web, and where copyright has time-expired and not been renewed. In some cases copying may be allowed for study or research purposes, or for onward publication where the copyright is acknowledged. In all cases where the issue of copyright is silent then it is to be assumed that copyright is vested in the author and unauthorised copying is a breach of that copyright.

  Totally-braindead 01:43 23 Mar 2005

ami has it right. Its all to do with copyright, if a film, book, cd, game or whatever is copyright it is illegal to copy it and that includes P2P sharing. The only way it would not be illegal to download a movie would be if the people who have the copyright allow it to be downloaded. And lets face it in the case of a hollywood film that costs millions to make that will not happen as they will want a return for their investment.

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