what lcd monitor is good for games?

  fsssh 01:21 14 Jan 2003
  fsssh 01:21 14 Jan 2003

does anyone own a lcd monmitor that is good for games? i have no idea what all the terminology that the monitor adverts have mean. i have a spanking new xp2000+ and Gefore 4 ti 4200 128mb card so i expect to get pretty good output, its just a question of getting decent pictures! i cant find a place where i can try a range of monitors to see what they're like.

  BrianW 09:59 14 Jan 2003

Unless you are short of space I would go for a good quality CRT monitor for games use. I have a 17 inch Philips TFT which suits my needs and works well with the sort of games I use (FS2002, Worms Armageddon, NWN etc), but I needed extra screen size + extra space on my desk. If you are intent on going for TFT, with the extra cost that goes with it, look for screens with fast transitor switch rates - such as the new Hercules (I think this has 25 ms switch rate compared to 40 - 45 ms for older screens). The faster switching reduces ghosting and other artefacts when games playing or watching DVD. You should also look for high brightness and contrast figures. If possible, take along a game or DVD and get the store to show you how it works (you will be paying "loadsa munney" for this so they should help you out). Have a good read of the reviews in PCA and other mags for advice.

  fsssh 10:27 14 Jan 2003

i do have a bit of a problem with space but mostly i have a problem with monitors, as i'm very sensitive to flickering screens. i run my current monitor as high as it will go at a decent resolution (12hundred something x 1024) @ 70Hz but i still have a problem with the flickering.

  BrianW 11:09 14 Jan 2003

at 70 hz you will still see flicker if you are sensitive to it. try bringing the resolution down a bit, 1024 X 768 if a 17 inch screen, or even 800 X 600 then up the refresh rate as high as the screen will take.

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