What laptop..I buy 4 photoshop, quark, images etc?

  pvjw55 19:29 16 Jun 2008

Hi all,

I am a graphic designer who want to buy a laptop for designing.... using quark, indesign, illustrator, photoshop.

What kind of power do I need for manipulating images?

I currently use apple macs but, am thinking about buying a vista laptop as it is much cheaper.

Any advice?

Thanks :-)

  Forum Editor 05:38 17 Jun 2008

Yes, go for a machine with plenty of RAM, and a big hard drive. You might also consider a 64bit computer.

This one would be perfect:

click here

  FromExperience 15:39 27 Oct 2009

Hi pvjw55,

Speaking from experience I can tell you not to buy Hewlet Packard. My daughter and a few of her friends at Uni purchased various models of HP laptops, from the outset my daughters machine had problems, namely crashing whilst doing the most basic of tasks. It was returned to base whilst under warranty, and was sent back to us with the explanation that the display driver had been reloaded. After being told this was the problem when the machine crashed with the same symptoms, we reloaded the display drivers, which was about once a week. Fourteen months after purchase it crashed and now it will not boot at all and now HP do not want to know. This machine was bought from Curries and does not even have a corisponding serial number with anything produced by HP, and is not listed on HP support. After checking out information in PC Magazine Digital, HP laptops don't even rate as average. After all the problems and lost work and time due to this inferior product (yes I'm extremely bitter) we purchased a Medion, which cost much less than the HP brick, came with three years warranty, and it has performed faultlessly while processing video, photos, slideshows and anything else asked of it since purchase 6 months ago. I hope this helps in some way to your choice. I think there is also a lesson in that expensive isn't always the way to go.

  Forum Editor 23:04 29 Oct 2009

"HP laptops don't even rate as average."With all due respect to the magazine you mentioned, that statement is rubbish. There are some excellent HP machines to be had, and the fact that you obviously had a bad experience is no reason to warn people "not to buy Hewlet(sic)Packard".

You had a single bad experience, that's all. It happens with all manufacturers.

In any case, this thread was posted well over a year ago - the purchasing decision was made long ago.

  jitendrasnv 13:51 29 Mar 2010


According to me you can go for any laptop which has 2 or above GB of RAM.As it will perfectly satisfies your work.

you can go for any brand as it only a choice but the most important is the configuration.

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