What laptop should i get?

  Seatter 09:28 24 Dec 2009

Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop that is powerful enough to run football manager 2010 smoothly, but it has to be around 600 gbp. Any help/suggestions are welcome.

  Clapton is God 11:08 24 Dec 2009

As always, whenever people ask this question, they forget to provide the most useful clue to the rest of us.


  Seatter 12:05 24 Dec 2009

I said around 600 gbp, is that not good enough?

  ame 21:53 24 Dec 2009

Forgive me - had to laugh, CiG. I wondered what 600 gbp meant too! I presume Seatter you are not in the uk, where we use £? The joys of the global economy....!!

  ame 22:11 24 Dec 2009

Seriously though, try this site click here to check system requirements but also think about future game software too - i.e. don't go for the minimum, as it can be a false economy.

  Seatter 23:20 24 Dec 2009

Ok, thanks for the replies but seeing as you aren't suggesting any laptops, could you recommend a good site to buy from? thanks.

  Seatter 20:22 25 Dec 2009

Just wondering what you guys think of this [url]click here[/url]

  ame 23:37 25 Dec 2009

Good fast Ram but 2GHz minimum for FM2010 just met and operating system will add £80. Novatech have good reputation on this site but I prefer branded laptops as they are less reliable than desktops and no wories (?) about big manufacturer going bust in these recession hit times. Ebuyer.com are a reliable supplier - compare this laptop with your suggestion for starters:- click here

  ame 00:02 26 Dec 2009

Toshibas are reliable...click here

  Seatter 08:14 26 Dec 2009

Really appreciate your help ame, I'd just like to add that I now have a max budget of £900, so if you don't mind, any new suggestions? Thanks, I really do appreciate it.

  Seatter 08:51 26 Dec 2009

click here|category_root|Office%2C+PCs+and+phones|14418968/c_2/3|cat_15701344|Laptops+and+mini+laptops|14419039.htm#tabrev

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