What laptop should i buy for between 500/600 pound

  optimist88 16:34 03 Dec 2010

I thought finding a nice laptop would be easy but it really isnt! Im a music producer so use big needing programmes and store thousands of samples.

I need a very up to date laptop (this month or last), a slick design but not a notebook.
Intel i5 and above
4gb Ram and above
Hard drive 500gb prefered
Big screen
windows 7
Excellent sound quality
cd rw
graphics card a bonus!

So basically a high spec laptop that looks modern. can spend between 500/600 pounds but can stretch and extra £100.

If anyone can help me with this i would be so gratefull, the more the models the merrier.

Thank you in advance


  john bunyan 17:02 03 Dec 2010

See here for my view.I would add a USB HD or two for back ups, and external speakers.Also I prefer a mouse to the touchpad.

click here

  Cymro. 17:07 03 Dec 2010

This is the one I bought a couple of weeks ago.
click here
It is out of stock right now but that was the case when I first saw it and they soon had more in.
Early days but so far I am well pleased with mine.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:12 03 Dec 2010

I would go for an acer or hp laptop.
those, you can see they are good and reliable brands as for laptops.
they are recorded as the highest rated brands for laptops in Which? Magazine.
click here&_$ja=kw:which+uk|cgn:BRAND-BRAND-BRAND%2bBROAD-GENRC%2bWhich%20UK%20-%20B%26G|cgid:1044410059|tsid:21612|cn:BRAND-BRAND-SPART-Brand+terms+-+B%26G|cid:44904709|lid:44711511|mt:Broad|nw:search|crid:6633017659
this is what magazine brand i mean if you do not know about which.
I costs a pretty penny if you want to be a member and benifit from their site like my mum but it is exellant advise and they dont do just technology, they do what ever you can think of.
But that is up to you. just exlaining if you not sure what it is but tell you that which? say them as the best brands for laptops and notebooks and netbooks if you do know what which? is.

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