What kit is needed?

  Simsy 16:04 14 Sep 2009


Please bear with me as I realise that I probably don't have all the answers needed for my question to be answered!...

My son is in Norway and has asked my advice. I can't give that until I have answers back from him about his current setup... however I am going to ask your advice based on what I belive is his current setup!...

He is in what is essentially student accomodation. I know that he has wireless internet access, for that is how he accesses the internet with his macbook... I believe it is a shared wireless connection with the other 4 or 5 folk in the "flat", (i.e. he does not have a wirelss router to himself). He wants to connect his ps3 playstation to the internet, at the same time as his macbook... SO I guess what he needs is a router that takes a wireless signal as it's "input" and has both wireless and ethernet as output... (Wireless out to the macbook, and ethernet to the ps3).

Is such a device what is described as a "Wireless access point", such as;
click here

Thanks in anticipation,



  Tech Guy 17:34 14 Sep 2009

A Wireless Acess point (AP) is not what he needs as the flat already has wireless, and this is all an AP does.

As his laptop is alreday wireless, sll he needs is to make the PS3 wireless(if it's the 20Gb version, the 60GB is alreday wireless) - with some sort of gaming adapter. A quick google and found: Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Gaming Adapter
also checkout: click here

  Simsy 20:07 14 Sep 2009

I'll obviously need to wait for more infor.

Just to clarify though, a "Wireless access point" is just a wireless OUTGOING router is it; It gets it's input via ethernet. Is that correct?




ps Wont see any replies until tomorrow now!

  Forum Editor 00:35 15 Sep 2009

is essentially a hub, it enables computers to connect to a LAN (Local area network) wirelessly - it doesn't itself connect to the internet. The access point would be connected to a wired network via an ethernet cable.

Your son should be able to connect his PS3 wirelessly - either directly, or via an adapter, as suggested by Tech Guy

I suggest that you click here

  Simsy 05:33 15 Sep 2009

The pertinent fact from you is;

"The access point would be connected to a wired network via an ethernet cable."

I'll pass the info on and let him deal with it I think!



  Simsy 11:03 15 Sep 2009

He doesn't have a wireless connection. He has a single ethernet port in his room, and he switches cable depending on whether he want to use the computer or ps3 on the internet...

He has asked me whether this would be any use;

click here

So he could use either without faffing about with changing cable? I didn't realise such a thing existed as I thought each device would interfere with the other without a router.

(He doesn't want to connect/network the ps3 to the computer)

Am I right?

I'm guessing what he really needs is a proper router that has an ethernet input.

Or would such a splitter work? If so would he be able to use both the pc and the ps3 at the same time?




  Simsy 12:13 15 Sep 2009

A bit more research and I think what is needed is a switch...

I'm going to reccomend this;

click here

Any obvious reasons why this wouldn't work?




  Tech Guy 17:25 15 Sep 2009

Yes what he would need is a switch and an AP to make wireless in his flat.

To kill two birds with one stone he can use an old wireless router from a previous ISP and just use it as a switch and the wireless side of it.

He would need to make some changes to the setting of the router but it will work.

  Simsy 18:28 15 Sep 2009

He is quite happy to be wired! The distances involved in his flat are just a few feet.

I have an unused, non wireless, adsl modem router... (Linksys AG431 I think!) Are you suggesting that this could be used as a switch by just not plugging anything in to the adsl input?

This has 4 network sockets... so he could plug from his network point into one of these, and use two of the others to feed his computer and ps3?

If so, would it need power, or is the power supply just needed for the modem component?

Thanks in anticipation.



  Tech Guy 19:26 15 Sep 2009

Yes this would be fine but it would need power, as all switches do. A few settings would need to be changed (i.e. turn DHCP off etc) but it would work.

  Simsy 19:55 15 Sep 2009

I'll tick this as resolved... but I may come back with help on the settings!

Much appreciated!



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