What kills computers/laptops?

  eysha 11:53 26 Aug 2008

I have just read an article here about registry cleaners and it tells me that cleaning the registry wrongly can kill a computer/laptop. Being a novice to laptops i was surprised and decided it might be best to avoid registry cleaners all together just in case but, being a novice, what else can kill a computer? I prefer to know so i can avoid killing mine as buying a new one is out of the question so avoidance is prefered. My laptop is almsot 2 years old and i have never cleaned the registry as i didn't know about it. Yes it is slow now but i prefer slow to dead. What else do i need to do/know about to avoid killing my laptop? How many ways can you kill a laptop/computer? I mean things that cannot be repaired by even the best computer people? Thanks in advance. E.

  Si_L 12:54 26 Aug 2008

If you follow the advice given in that article, you should be able to put some life back into your laptop. Make a back-up first, and if things go awry then you can go back to where you started. I have done loads of reg cleans, and never had a problem, but back-up anyway.

Other things that won't do your PC any favours is running it with out adequate anti-virus, spyware, ad-ware programs. You don't have to pay, there are free ones that will do the job.

I use AVG 8.0 for virus, Ad-aware for ad-ware, and AVG of spyware. Also, you need a firewall.

A good way to avoid virus' is just to be careful what you use on the internet, the dodgier the content, generally speaking, the more likely you are to pick up nastys. P2P file sharing is great if you want a virus too.

  eysha 13:00 26 Aug 2008

Thanks for your reply. I didn't find the advice very simple to follow to be honest so that shows you how new i am. Back-ups? please explain. I do use the things you mention and i don't download stuff from the internet. I meant if doing a registry clean wrongly can kill your computer what other things can do that too that is unfixable? I am sure a computer repair centre could fix virus infected computers but what can they not fix?

  David4637 13:55 26 Aug 2008

If you kill the registry, use ACRONIS to recover it. David

  mrwoowoo 15:47 26 Aug 2008

Everything is fixable.
A virus infection you can do yourself.A dead pc could just need a new PSU which are not too dear.
Any problem can usually be sorted by asking in the helprooms.
Backing up is just putting the things you want to keep if a disaster happened onto a dvd or spare drive for safekeeping.
Or making an image of the whole hard drive with Acronis, so you can put everything back,including your operating system in the event of system failure.

  DieSse 16:22 26 Aug 2008

You can't kill a computer with software. You might possible render it unuseable - but that's just a software issue - the computer hardware will still work.

Then you can use your backup to restore the software and your data.

You do have a backup??

If not then get yourself equipped to make one TODAY.

  Forum Editor 16:39 26 Aug 2008

If you dropped your laptop you may damage the hard drive irreparably, and possibly the screen too.

Physical damage, either to the case or the internal components - is usually fairly expensive to repair. As DieSse says, it's not possible to completely kill a computer with software, so don't worry about that.

  Diemmess 17:40 26 Aug 2008

It is certainly cheaper.
Leaving out hardware damage bcause you seem more concerned with software problems, I reckon 3 possible roads to an unusable computer:

1) Malware destroying the operating system.
2) Ill advised tinkering will do the same.
3) Occasional cussedness when a power blip or some miss-keying will corrupt a line of system code.

DieSse truly says software errors will not kill a computer, but may make it unusable.
That is where the local repair place earns and makes his crust.

By understanding and using anti-malware programs, and making regular backups to a safe place you can enjoy your computer and leave the local shop to help those who don't understand.

  eysha 18:27 26 Aug 2008

Thanks for all the responses. I take it short of dropping the laptop i cannot really kill it. A softwear problem can always be fixed and i cannot do hard wear harm. Am i right?
Thanks again, i am learning by reading things here but there is just so much to take in and i want to be sure that i cannot damage my laptop beyond repair - can i?
A friend told me that becasue he kept switching his on and off, at speed because he forgot to do things so switched it back on again straight away, he broke his, so i guess don't do that - is that right?

  Diemmess 18:40 26 Aug 2008

Now you are back to killing by misusing the hardware.
As a child, I was told off for rapid switching of a light switch, and quite right too!

  eysha 18:45 26 Aug 2008

I agree, I was asking about killing in any form really, hardwear or softwear, simply because i have everything to learn about computers so one of the first things i wanted to learn was how not to kill a laptop be it hard or softwear. from your response i guess by switching on and off too quickly it can be a killed so that's a do not do that?
I am trying to learn - honest.

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