What is it and how does it work

  Sweetheart 18:24 05 Mar 2003

I think I may have several of these questions but here goes: What is a firewall and how does it work please?

  MAJ 18:26 05 Mar 2003

A firewall is a piece of software that blocks any unauthourised entry to or from your PC.

  powerless 18:26 05 Mar 2003

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  Djohn 18:29 05 Mar 2003

It is a software program that in theory stops unwanted files/cookies, from being placed on your PC.

It is rather like a wall blocking all attempts to communicate with your PC unless you give permission.

  Terrahawk 18:31 05 Mar 2003

a fire wall is a program that can be configured to block access to and from the internet blocking access to the internet comes in the form of blocking programs from your computer going onto the internet and blocking coming in generally refers to people who scan ip adresses and look for computer with weaknesses generally known as hacking a good firewall will totaly mask your system from the internet so these scans cant see you

  Sweetheart 18:32 05 Mar 2003

Thank you!

  watchful 18:33 05 Mar 2003

Phew!! That was soon sorted, considering the title!

  powerless 18:38 05 Mar 2003

A firewall can be software or hardware based.

The home user a software based firewall is ideal.

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