What is it with Ebay now?

  pj123 16:31 03 Feb 2005

Just tried to put something up on ebay.

Starting price £25. Want a reserve price of £30, but ebay wants a minimum of a reserve price of £50. Never going to sell at that price. Hoping of at least £30-£35. If I change the starting price to £10 I still need to put a reserve price of at least £50. What's going on?

  SANTOS7 16:36 03 Feb 2005

click here
this should help.........

  fitshase 16:46 03 Feb 2005

Why not start the item off at £30? Also, add a "Buy it Now" price of something higher to get a quicker sale if someone wants it.

I put an old phone up for sale stating at £10 (hoping to get above £10) with a buy it now price of £20. 5 minutes later it was sold for £20.



  pj123 16:53 03 Feb 2005

It didn't use to be like that. I want to sell something that I think the maximum I could get is £30, but being an auction it could go for more. I would like to set a reserve price of at least £35 to protect it. In other words, with no reserve price, but I think it should fetch £30, and the highest bid I get is £20, I would lose out. By the same token if I would like a minimum of £30 but have to set a reserve of £50 then I am not going to sell it either. The other point is if I have something that is only worth £2 maximum why would I want to set a reserve of £50?

I am sure I used to be able to set a reserve price at my own level when I started using ebay.

  pj123 16:58 03 Feb 2005

fitshase, just tried that as well. So are you saying just enter it as a "buy it now" price and not an auction? Because if it is an auction and a buy it now price I would assume if no one accepted the buy it now price I would have to sell it at the current auction price.

  fitshase 20:17 03 Feb 2005

There are a few options:-

(1) You sell the item starting off at £20 with a reserve of £50. The reserve gives you the right to withhold selling the item if it does not make the reserve. If the auction reaches £35, the reserve is not met but you still have the option of selling it (i.e., just because the reserve is not met, you are not forbidden from selling it).

(2) You set the auction to start at £30 with no reserve.

(3) You set the auction to start at £30 with a buy it now price of £40 (or whatever you are willing to sell it for). If someone bids on the auction (say, puts a bid for £30), the buy it now option disappears.

(4) You set the auction to start at £30 and have a permanent buy it now option of something higher. This is different to the normal buy it now feature as the buy it now feature is always available no matter if there has been bids.

You also have to remember that extra options will cost you more selling the item. If you add some buy it now features, extra photos, etc., it could end up costing a big proportion of your selling fee.



  pj123 12:30 04 Feb 2005

fitshase, thank you. I will remember that for the future.

The item has now been sold locally, all I need to do now is cancel the ebay commitment. (see this thread), which has now been answered.

I will tick this thread and the other one.

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