What is it with CD/DVD burning software

  Mr. Chips 14:14 05 Jan 2007

I despair.
I have bought Nero Premium 7, Paragon, WinOnCD, DVDiT, but none of them work.
I have a powerful new PC, but none will run.
Any suggestions please?

  Stuartli 14:34 05 Jan 2007

Not really, because it's not clear from your query where you are/might be going wrong and why you have apparently bought so many burning programs.

  Belatucadrus 14:41 05 Jan 2007

As they should all work, I'd be wondering if it was a hardware problem, have you managed to burn anything, if so was it a CD or a DVD ?

  Mr. Chips 14:43 05 Jan 2007

Good point!
Nero 7 refuses to copy a CD, it just refuses to accept the request and drops back to the menu screen.
The other applications are old applications which I have aquired during the years, often from PC magazines or as a bundle with other software, particularly Video editing stuff.

More worryingly, I now get a small dialogue box open up from the bottom right of my screen telling me that windows is not going to load CD/DVD burning sofware as it could destablise my XP Home.
I have really made a stick for my own back by loading all this stuff, finding it won't run properly, and then hoping that the de-install programmes will work.
A bit of a mess really and I am nor too sure where to go from here.

  skidzy 14:50 05 Jan 2007

First thing i would do is clear the lot off the system,then cleanup the registry with ccleaner click here and Cleanup click here then reboot the system.To be a little cautious,i would make a restore point first.

Then load Nero again.

If still no joy after this,post back,but do not load anymore burning software,this will reduce any chance of conflicts.

  jack 15:15 05 Jan 2007

Indeed use a system checking software -[Everest?].
and with it check that you actually have a CD/DVD BUNERNER Drive in stalled.
As suggested clear off all 3rd party burn software.
XP Home after all has its own Burn Routine built in.
Then check the XP Help files [My Computer Help] to see if XP Home needs it native burn routine disabled before installing a 3rd party software.

  Belatucadrus 15:17 05 Jan 2007

Does Nero 7 include the Nero toolkit ? if so try running Nero Info tool and see if your CD/DVD write drive shows up on the Drive tab. If not then there's some form of communication problem and I suspect diagnosing what by forum isn't going to be easy.
I'd junk the surplus burning programmes ASAP as Windows clearly doesn't like them.

  Mr. Chips 15:27 05 Jan 2007

Her with the big stick has just shouted at me ... I have run the reg clean software and still got the CD software from XP.

I will have to look at it a bit later.
Thanks for your help thus far folks

  Stuartli 15:44 05 Jan 2007

Yes, but very limited and only for CD media.

To disable the XP burning program (Roxio based), go to My Computer>Explore>highlight your rewriter>right click>Properties>Recording>Disable/Uncheck the Allow Recording on this Drive box.

In normal circumstances, more than one burning program on a system will often caused conflicts between them.

Stick to Nero for both CDs and DVDs and use the Help pages if necessary - they are very comprehensive and well written.

  Mr. Chips 17:45 05 Jan 2007

Thanks. Situation is:
Uninstalled all CD etc burning applications.
Ran regisrty cleaner.
Re-installed Nero 7 Premium.
All appears to install properly.
(However on a re-start, XP still shows the pop-up box saying that there is a CD burning conflict and hasn't loaded the drivers.)
The 'switch' in 'My Computer'/'recorder' (as per Stuartli) is not enabled . Turned off already,.... probably by Nero.
Nero tools sees my re-writer
Nero tools will do a 'bench mark' and 'disc info' but falls over with 'disk quality.
The following is advised by the Help and Support centre from within XP.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\CD Recording Software
Roxio, Inc.


Issue Description:

A CD-recording driver is installed that might cause stability problems, including problems shutting down and problems using a CD/DVD drive. This driver will be disabled.
This driver might have been installed by Easy CD Creator, Windows Media Player or RealJukebox. You might not be able to record CDs until you obtain compatible drivers.

Roxio, Inc. provides an update for Easy CD Creator users at the Easy CD Creator Updates Web site.

For Windows Media Player users, see the Microsoft Web site at click here.

For RealJukebox users, see the RealNetworks Web site at click here.


I hope this isn't boring the pants off you all.
I do appreciate your efforts on my behalf



  Ptolemy 17:55 05 Jan 2007

Have you installed an ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface)?

It enables communication between the PC and devices. Whenever I've reinistalled XP my re-writer won't write with it.

Either of the top two links on this page will get you the zipped installation pack.

click here

ASPICHK will tell you what your system has, and ASPIINT to install

For more info click here

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