what is it about computers?

  rawprawn 17:46 13 Dec 2010

"A computer is a programmable machine that receives input, stores and manipulates data, and provides output in a useful format"

Yet we cosset them as though they are the bees knees, we personalise them to suit our fancy, use them for more reasons than I could mention, and cannot resist the impulse to try "Something New"
This will always lead back to my ancient post of "Tinkering"
Am I getting old, or am I just experienced enough to know that "if it aint broke don't fix it"
I see many people on this forum who have exactly the problems I had some years ago. I am indebted to this Forum, and wish you all a Very happyt Christmas

  onthelimit 17:56 13 Dec 2010

Where's the edit button when you need one?

I too am very thankful for all the help received.

  compumac 17:58 13 Dec 2010

Likewise -a very happyt Christmas. Delete key has DEL on it

  onthelimit 18:02 13 Dec 2010

I was referring to rawprawn's post - once posted, nothing can be done to rectify errors. I'm sure we were promised an edit function some months (years?) ago.

  compumac 18:06 13 Dec 2010

Understood that. I had earlier today been on another website and posted a reply and then realised my spelling mistake(s) and was able to rectify those before too many people saw it

  cocteau48 18:06 13 Dec 2010

Tinker Bells
Tinker Bells
Tinker all the way
Oh what fun it is to use
Acronis everyday!

and a very happyt Christmas to one and all!

  rawprawn 18:09 13 Dec 2010

Sorry "Cote Du Rhone" fingers!
For happyt, please read HAPPY.

onthelimit, you are right I am sure this edit function was promised.
However, one never knows it may appear as a Christmas present on the 25th

  rawprawn 18:10 13 Dec 2010


  onthelimit 18:18 13 Dec 2010

At this time of day?!!

  VoG II 18:22 13 Dec 2010

I no longer tinker (much). I think that's as much down to experience as age.

Merry Crimble all.

  rawprawn 18:29 13 Dec 2010

We eat early, and I do like a couple of glasses of wine. I find I cannot eat so well later, I think it's old age.

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