what is it ???

  Madrat 00:36 22 Nov 2004

I keep getting a message that windows has found new hardhear "PCI simple communication controller" but it can not find the drivers for it I have let it surch for them on the xp disc,motherboard disc and sound card disc (this is the only PCI device conected. What is it and do i have to worry about it every thing seams ok apart fron the system taking 1 min 15 seconds to get to the pas word screen. bothe these probs came up after upgrading to an athlon 3000 Cpu
Please help Or this PC will be in the bin.

  ACOLYTE 00:40 22 Nov 2004

Think this a onboard modem,it may not have been turned on before the cpu upgrade,did you reset the bios or change anything in there after,you may need to go back in and disable it.

  Madrat 00:49 22 Nov 2004


Just checked bios again and the on board modem (that isnt even fitted) was enabled turned it off and its fine not even in device manager any more. But still very slow on start up any ideas

  hugh-265156 01:19 22 Nov 2004

if you have windows xp then click 'start/run' and type 'msconfig' click ok and click the 'start up' tab.

make a note of everything ticked here and google the 'starup item' name to find out more info on what each thing stsrting with windows is. normally you can disable/untick everything listed here bar your firewall and antivirus software and this should speed up start up. if you untick anything you can always put the tick back if things go wrong.

try start up inspector and it should tell you what they are click here

after the above try bootvis click here click 'trace/next boot+driver delays' and restart and you should get a graph of everything starting with windows and the time it takes to load. next click 'trace/optomize system' and restart again and after a few mins it will finish. now try a restart again.

  hugh-265156 01:24 22 Nov 2004

barp! i posted in the wrong thread

ment to post to this thread sorry click here but i now see that its already been suggested.

there were no replies before?? time for bed i thing sorry :-)

  Madrat 17:52 22 Nov 2004


I disabled everything in the start up menue and it made no differans at all. I am now totaly confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Dorsai 18:05 22 Nov 2004

Do you have an option, perhaps a tick box, 'do not install the drivers for this device', or simular, at some point in the install process?

And perhaps also, do not remind me later?

As the PC seems to work fine without the drivers just tell it not to bother trying?

A bodge perhaps, but it might work?

  Madrat 08:01 23 Nov 2004

No linger a problem with device BUt still so slow to start up


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