What is an I.P address, and how can it be altered?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 15:09 17 Mar 2003

What exactly is an I.P address?
What is it used for?
Will it be altered by changing my hdd?
Will it be altered by changing my mobo?
Will it be altered by changing my graphics card?


  spikeychris 15:16 17 Mar 2003

Your IP (Internet Protocol) is the means you use to get on-line. If you change your HDD then you will have to reset the IP to get online. If your using dialup then you will get a new IP every time to connect, if your on BB then you could vey well use the same one all the time.

It will not be altered by any GX card or mobo if you use the same HDD settings.


  Stuartli 15:18 17 Mar 2003

If you want to know your IP address go to Run, type in ipconfig (if not already in the list) and click OK.

But, as spikeychris states, with a dialup connection your IP is different each time you go on line.

  MAJ 15:18 17 Mar 2003

An IP address is the address of your computer on the internet, and no it wont be changed if you change your HDD, mobo or graphics card. It will be changed if you change your ISP.

  spikeychris 15:32 17 Mar 2003

Your explanation is commendable, much better than mine. (clutching at straws here I know ;o) but your HDD is your computer in this instance.

The DUN settings on the HDD can affect the IP especially if the IP has been set statically by the user.

Pathetic I know ;o) :o)


  DieSse 15:40 17 Mar 2003

The IP address is the address your computer has when it's on the Internet. Your IP address may be dynamic or fixed.

A dymanic IP address is nothing to do with you - it's assigned to you each time you go onto the net, by your ISP, out of a set of addresses they own. It's not under your control in any way shape or form - neither is it anything to do with any of the parts in your computer.

A static IP address is assigned permanently to you when you make a contract with your ISP. They tell you what it is, and you must put it into the networking protocols in the apprpriate place. It's again not under your control as to what it is - they tell you.

All normal dial-up accounts use Dynamic IPs - unless for some special reason you have purchased a fixed IP. Many cable/ADSL accounts use dynamic IPs, some use fixed.

What you do or change in your system has nothing to do with your IP address.

  MAJ 15:43 17 Mar 2003

I agree, spikeychris, especially when it comes to IP addresses the user sets up him/herself for a network for example, they will have to be reset/re-entered if the hard drive is changed. I assumed (wrongly perhaps) that SpyMan²°°­­³ was talking about the dynamically assigned IP address set by his ISP.

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 15:49 17 Mar 2003

Can people trace you by your i.p address, for instance if i went onto some very dodgy sites...or other things like that...could the police trace back that it was me??

Thank you

ps..this is not the reason i am asking for {:o))-[==<

  medicine hat 15:52 17 Mar 2003

It is a computer's reference on any network these days, whether the Internet or a small home network

  MAJ 15:52 17 Mar 2003

Your ISP will be allocated a range of IP addresses. That range can be traced to your ISP and your ISP can then inform the police who was using that particular IP address.

  powerless 15:55 17 Mar 2003

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