What Internet package should i choose!?

  collinsc 17:24 28 Apr 2009


I am soon moving out to my first flat. I would appreciate some advice on my options for Internet access.

Initially i am living on my own, so a USB Wireless stick would suffice, however if i choose to have a lodger then it would be good to go for ethernet.
I am finding it difficult to identify my minimum requirements. I would say i browse up to 25-30 hours a week possibly.

I looked at sky TV with internet which would be £5 per month (with £17.50 for TV) for : Up to 2Mb download speed, 2GB monthly usage allowance. Is that any good!?
I am assuming that includes landline - or is access through the TV!? -or is landline extra?

Basically though im looking for the cheapest and fastest internet with as much usage as i can get that is possible! (Dont ask for much eh)

Advice appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 28 Apr 2009
  citadel 17:57 28 Apr 2009

2mb download speed is no good if you want to watch videos on you tube, iplayer etc, the catch is in the upto bit as even with upto 8mb download speed most people only get 3 to 4. If the flat has a landline you can sign up to an isp and they give you a free router.

  collinsc 18:01 28 Apr 2009

thanks for responses. The flat has no landline at present, but i can get one installed...

  birdface 18:09 28 Apr 2009

Try Virginmedia.You can get it without a phone line.And a free upgrade from 2mb to 10 mb next month.

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