What is inject.ttinline.com and is it safe?

  xania 11:51 16 Jan 2014

Last night my wife's laptop started displaying an unusual pop-up when attempting to make an on-line purchase from Amazon. Subsequent investigation has revealed similar action on other on-line shops i.e Marks & Spencer and Ebay.

Laptop has Windows 7 Pro 64-bit protected by Norton Internet Security 2014.

What happens is that, after a short pause, a pop-up appears covering the lower half of the screen, appearing to show other items of potential interest on the same web-shop. Right clicking the information button reveals the connection to inject.ttinline.com, and selecting any one of their suggested purchases does appear to take you back to the correct store securely (https). But does anyone know what's going on? I cannot seem to get any other PC to display the same problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 16 Jan 2014

You should be able to stop it with your adblocker

what browser are you using?

  xania 12:30 16 Jan 2014

Hi both and thanks for your speedy response.

  1. Already done msconfig but will try Malwarebytes

  2. Running IE11, but now tried Chrome, and that does not appear to have the same problem. May have to switch - but we happen to like IE (or we did!!!). Wife threatening to go Firefox

  xania 15:19 16 Jan 2014

I have found an add-on EnhanceTronic which cannot be disabled. Looks like this is the culprit. I will now look for a way of uninstalling it and report back.

  xania 15:28 16 Jan 2014

Very easy. Found it in Add/Remove programs, removed with any problems and problem solved.

BTW Malwarebytes found nothing!!!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 16 Jan 2014

AdwCleaner is excellant for removing PUPs and unwanted toolbars etc. that come embedded with other downloaded software even though your fixed this is worth giving a run to see what else might be lurking.

  mrpink77 01:09 20 Jan 2014

I did all of the above. Adblockeers. Windows settings. eBay account settings. Ahhahh. Checked all my programme files. A straight look at what was there as sell as the uninstill software list in my Win 7 Pro x 64 Operating system. There was a programme call "outobox" in my programme files. What was this? I deleted it pronto. Bang. Gone. This inject.ttinline.com is surreptitious and vexatious software & I suspect that the name of the programme in which it resides is changed regularly. Sneak. Vexatious. Underhanded. Don't buy anything that this low down repetitive surreptitious software draws you to. Put this info on uTube. Tell eBay inform the PC techo sites. Hope that helps or gives a direction.

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