What important things Do I first Need to Do when I get my New Windows 7 Desktop PC

  julius44 07:46 13 May 2011

Hello and good morning to u all. My I'm upgrading my XP desktop of 5 years old, and my new windows 7 desktop should be arriving tomorrow. Once it arrives and i've set it up, I just want to get advice on the first couple of things that people thing I need to do. A work colleague mentioned creating a rescue disk , etc...but I don't know how to do this, so any advice would be much appreciated. I have a 1tb external hard drive, so all my docs, videos, have already been copied over...onto external hard drive I have a brand new copy of Kaspersky 2010, that i'll install. Another question I have...is my Virgin modem and my Belkin router...do i have to re-install these on new desktop from scrath?? Or do i just recconect them straight as before please?? what about creating partitions and if yes WHY do i need to partition the new hard drive and HOW pls??? If anyone thinks off any other things that need to be done, pls kindly let me know, as long as they are things that are easy please. many thanks Jules

  sharpamat 08:14 13 May 2011

Follow the instructions when you set up your new system, as soon as possable make a set of recovary discs.If the option does not appear look in "help and Support " on the menu and it will tell you how to do this,normally you need 3 4.7 DVDS then keep them safe you can normally only make 1 set but can also purchese a set from the makers

You can normally connect your Virgin modem and it will connect. Partions will normally be in place on a new system,whatever you do do not interfer if there is a partion for recovery.

You may well find a lot of junk is installed by the makers, inc a lot of trial programs. A lot of people remove this but be carefull what you remove.

Whilst you do have your docs etc copied onto external drive. see what installation discs you have for your programs such as word processors etc they may not be the ones you have on your new system.

From the file options on IE save your cookies fav to your external drive, also dependent is what e mail you use Outlook express does not work with Win 7 So save your contacts. address book, and any emails you wish to keep.

As you will still have these on your old machine this can be doen at a later date

  compumac 08:50 13 May 2011

Get Acronis and start creating backup images on a regular basis. This way you will always have a rescue package on an ongoing basis.

  sharpamat 09:02 13 May 2011

I always found its not really needed with win 7 this can be set to backup,and creat an image to an external drive ( which the poster already has ) on a regular basis. The recovary disks are purley in the event of a hard drive failour or damage to recovery partion. to restore the computer to its original settings

  birdface 09:02 13 May 2011

If it is going to be an Ethernet connection just plug the computer in as normal connected to the Modem and when the computer is up and running if it does not connect to the Internet at the first attempt just switch the modem off for a 60 seconds and then back on again and wait till it connects.

If using a wireless connection you may have to do the same but then switch the Modem and Router off and then switch the modem back on first and after another 60 seconds turn the Router on.

If any security programs that come with your new PC have to be uninstalled make sure you use the proper uninstall tool and not just add remove.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:15 13 May 2011
  1. Remove all the "bloatware" that comes pre installed and you will never use - do not get sucked into the trial versions of Antivirus / office etc.

    1. Install Kaspersky

    2. Set up your Connection to your router it should be a simple matter of just plugging in by cable, if you then want wireless access to the router set that up see

    3. Download and Install any further protection programs you need such as Malwarebytes / spywareBlaster

    4. Transfer across your favourites etc from XP see

    5. install any programs you require.

    6. Now you have he machine as you want it create the rescue disk see

  2. Enjoy

  julius44 11:14 13 May 2011

Hey guys, thanks loadz fot all the help, I shall def do as instructed, pls keep the tips coming and kind regards, I shall def start with the recovery diks first, thanks loadz.

  woodchip 11:20 13 May 2011

As compumac above,. To the External USB drive. Buy Acronis True Image and a External USB drive then Create a Image of the Drive, This is a Backup in case the Hard Drive goes pop, or you get Viruses etc and will restore it and software as is when at the time you created the image

  robin_x 11:20 13 May 2011

A good multi uninstaller/bloatware remover is PC Decrapifier

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is good for setting lots of custom options.

Acronis True Image is excellent. Free 'similar' but less features: EASEUS Todo -also specifically allows resized partitions to be restored. Macrium Reflect Free does not and that messed me up on my clean install recently. I don't recommend W7 Imaging (or backup come to that. I don't know best Backup program as such)

Make a boot CD/DVD for whichever Imaging program you use (as well as Startup repair and all your Recovery DVDs)

Make further images regularly, keep the clean one as you have loads of space. I don't backup all movies, they take too much. But then I did lose them. Oh well, they are all replaceable. Just takes time.

Use Partition Wizard and/or EASEUS Partition Master for partitioning.

Miscellaneous stuff that suits me and my machines: WinPatrol

New HOSTS file

WOT browser add-on (your AV may provide this anyway)

UAC on max

  rdave13 11:27 13 May 2011

One thing to watch is don't click on the trial software icons when the desktop first appears. This will only run the installing process for the trial and could then be harder to remove. Simply go to programs and features and uninstall from there any you wish to remove.

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