What if my HDD goes belly up?

  Skeletor 19:53 01 May 2004

Hi all,

So far my PC experience has been fairly problem free (only the odd one or two minor blips that have been sorted via this forum). However, it has just occured to me that my backup efforts may be in vain.

My PC came with a 'recovery disc'. Which, as I understand it, means that it will only work on my existing Hard Drive. I use Acronis TrueImage to create an image of the drive every three or four weeks. My question is, If my HDD dies, will it be possible to install the image onto a new one.

Any thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.

Win XP Home


  Stowit 20:06 01 May 2004

If the disk dies the data sometimes can be recovered, but you'll have to pay. The best thing to do is regularly back up to CD, so you don't loose data, but unless you install a 2nd HDD & duplicate your first onto it regularly you'll always loose something. HDDs are pretty reliable (many guaranteed for 3 yrs) so manufacturers must be confident in them. Unless its imperative you have everything, save stuff on a CD.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:15 01 May 2004

click here for details of complete backup routines, should anything go wrong.

  Skeletor 20:22 01 May 2004

Thanks Stowit,

Just to clarify my question.

If my PC only came with a recovery disc and my Hard Drive dies. Would I be able to install an image that I had previously created by Acronis TrueImage (on DVD)on to the new Hard Drive or would I get something along the lines of 'You are attempting an illegal operation'?


  Simsy 20:29 01 May 2004

certainly the equivalent operation using "Drive Image" works fine...

I assume the image created is either on CD or a different HDD?



  Skeletor 20:34 01 May 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus

I've had a quick look, but it still doesn't really answer my question. I do backup documents and photo's etc. to DVD. I just want to know am I wasting my time creating an image on DVD if I cant then use it on another HDD.

Thanks again

  Skeletor 20:41 01 May 2004

Thanks Simsy

That sounds hopeful. It's on DVD.

I think that if it works on Drive Image it should work the same on TrueImage (I hope)

  wee eddie 20:42 01 May 2004

If your HDD dies. Your recovery disk will not work on a new HDD.

You will not only, have to buy a new HDD, but also a copy of Windows, which can be OEM to save money.

You will then be able to drop your backed up files onto it.

  christmascracker 20:51 01 May 2004

What version of Acronis have you got?

I've got 7 and can if need be put the image onto a new HDD

  Eric10 21:40 01 May 2004

So long as you have created either rescue floppies or a rescue CD in Acronis then you can boot from this and copy your image onto a new hard drive. I have done this more than once and it has always worked for me. I use Acronis 7 and keep it updated, now on build #611.

  Skeletor 21:45 01 May 2004

Thanks wee eddie,

While I understand what you say about the recovery disc not working on another HDD. I assume from what you say that if my Hard Drive does indeed go belly up then a created image would be useless as well.

Thanks christmascracker,

But do you have a full copy of your OS or a recovery disc? If you have a recovery disc, then that seems to contradict what wee eddie says.

Thanks again.

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