What is ideal noise margin on fixed 2mb line.

  Tick Tock 3 20:04 24 Jan 2007

Can a figure be given ie 11db downstream.

  Dipso 21:28 24 Jan 2007

Basically the higher the better. There is no ideal but you need a minimum of 10db to avoid connection problems. Mine was 28 on fixed 2 Meg but I'm on MaxDSl now which is a whole different kettle of fish!

If you find yours is near to 10 there are a few things you can do to try and increase it, i.e. if you connect through an extension, try connecting through the master socket or even better the test socket under the masters faceplate. Sometimes doing this can see an increase in noise margin.

Also, check to see if the ring wire is connected to terminal 3 of your sockets (or indeed any other wires besides 2 and 5), this can reduce interference and again result in an increased noise margin.

If you connect through a telephone extension cable, bin it and substitute it for a Cat5 network cable.

  Batch 08:23 25 Jan 2007

See this earlier thread - I think you'll find it useful:

click here

  Chris the Ancient 10:00 25 Jan 2007

I agree with Dipso about cables.

When I first moved into my flat, I ran a telephone cable all round the edges to get to my 'study'. And my b/b service wasn't too bad.

The service started deteriorating - but gradually - making me wonder what the problem was.

After much chat line help from my ISP, I shifted everything into the lounge and plugged straight in there. Absolutely brilliant service again!

So, I binned my old cable, got a 'proper' on from maplin.co.uk click here (great, you can a good length, cut it to what you require and install a supplied twin phone/adsl socket box) making a neat installation.

Now I'm getting up to 3Mb (when it's quiet) on my 2Mb line.

It was worth that bit extra money to ensure a good connection.


  Tick Tock 3 19:23 25 Jan 2007


is the ring wire on all sockets or just the master and what steps to take if the ring wire is on terminal 3

  Dipso 21:39 25 Jan 2007

The ring wire may or may not be connected, depends on who did your wiring. You need to check all sockets/extensions. If it's connected, simply pull it out from the connector.

You need to remove it from all sockets as it can still pick up interference if connected at one end.

  Tick Tock 3 21:49 25 Jan 2007

BT did the wiring years ago is the ring wire orange.

The last 2 days there has been noise on the upstairs
phone,the other one downstairs is quiet,filters on all sockets.

  Tick Tock 3 21:51 25 Jan 2007

PS. remove even from master socket.

  Dipso 21:54 25 Jan 2007

Probably got the ring wire and more connected then...an ex-BT friend of mine "rewired" mine prior to being upgraded to MaxDSL and he connected up all 6 connectors! I got brave and pulled the lot out barring 2 and 5...no problems.

It's usually orange but sometimes they're notwired up as standard, you're better looking for the number 3 connector and if it's orange then you're doubly sure.

  Dipso 21:56 25 Jan 2007

Yes...even from the master. Trust me it will be fine. It no longer serves a purpose with modern telephones and even if you had an old phone, the filter does the job of the ring wire.

  Tick Tock 3 23:16 25 Jan 2007

Ok thanks good info.

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