What is this (IBM) PC ???

  roygbiv 16:36 10 Mar 2003

Can someone tell me what this PC (cpu,memory??)
IBM 325T PS valuepiont modelC40 type6384
Using win98. Guess its a dinosaur!!!

  BurrWalnut 16:42 10 Mar 2003

Go here click here and type 6384C40 into the Quick path box. It should tell you everything about the computer.

  cherria 16:51 10 Mar 2003

25Mhz 386 4mb memory

check here click here

  medicine hat 16:54 10 Mar 2003

25MHz & 4MB RAM running windows 98 - must be some kind of record :-)

  roygbiv 16:57 10 Mar 2003

Thanks, I can tell him that it is a DINOSAUR.
Now i know what it is, i can assess his situation better (start saveing)

  roygbiv 17:00 10 Mar 2003

NO ! sorry. The IBM is on WIN 3.1.
I am on the newer XP system (where did you get 98 from?). Alan

  cherria 17:10 10 Mar 2003

From your first post "Using win98"

  roygbiv 12:32 12 Mar 2003

Sorry my mistake.

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