what is the I386 folder?

  carlos 20:22 13 Jan 2004

Evening. I ask this because one of my work PCs(Win2000) has one that contains over 400Mbs of files. I understand it's a system folder. Thanks

  levyo1 20:27 13 Jan 2004

Hi Carlos Im not an expert but i believe this is the file that contains lots of little programs to run your windows.If i am wrong there is plenty of others who will put me right:) and yourself

  spikeychris 20:35 13 Jan 2004

The I386 folder contains the majority of the 2K install files. If you
decide to add or remove Windows components, then this is where 2k will look.
Its also the repository for files for the System File Checker and Windows
File Protection.

  LastChip 20:37 13 Jan 2004

It is a system folder. One which is often accessed by new program installations in order to load the correct files to make a specific application work with Windows.

However, 400 MBs seems very large indeed. Perhaps 10% of that would be more normal.

Maybe someone has loaded the cab files in there, in order to avoid using a disc in the event of a system repair being needed. Just a guess!

  carlos 20:54 13 Jan 2004

I've checked same folder on other PCs with XP and the size is minute by comparison. I'm absolutely sure that the user of the PC wouldn't even know to begin to deliberately put stuff in there lol. It only seems to be a Win 2000 thing. I assume I can't/mustn't delete anything in there?

  carlos 09:14 14 Jan 2004

just checked my work PC( XP) and it's got 700+Mb I386 folder!!!!The info given so far indicates to me that the folder size will be relative to the number of programmes loaded? Also, nothing must be deleted from it, given that no- one's deliberately added anything to it. Be very grateful for confirmation.

  spikeychris 09:32 14 Jan 2004

Your C:\i386 folder contains WinXP's installation files. These
should already exist on your installation CD, as well. (Unless all
you have is an OEM "Recovery" CD or partition.) They are needed for
repairs to the OS and when you wish to add/install additional
features. If you don't mind inserting a CD every time you make such a
change, you can safely off-load this folder to a CD. Doing so will
not damage WinXP.

Ironically, many people deliberately copy this particular folder
from the installation CD to the hard drive to avoid the inconvenience
of having to insert the CD whenever they add features. But, if you're
short of space, you can safely remove the folder, provided you do save
the files.

  carlos 10:23 14 Jan 2004

I understand now....takes me a little longer to absorb, digest , then comprehend

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