What the hell is PE-SHIELD???

  Fiery251 16:01 21 Mar 2003

Ive just tried to double click my Kazaalite icon on my desktop, and I'm getting a box popping up saying:-


File was altered.Maybe it is a virus.

What the hell is that??!!!!!!!

I dont have any Virus checker running. The only thing I did install recently was Ad-Aware 6.0 Pro, and "The Cleaner" Trojan killer. But none of the two of them are running either when I CTRL-ALT-DEL to see what proccesses are running.

Any ideas?. How do I sort this?.

  powerless 16:06 21 Mar 2003

No Anti Virus?click here

Maybe it's just a pop up, like you have on Internet Explorer.

HEURISTIC VIRUS ALERT is virus like activity, so if you have no AV then i dont see how it can pop up, without using AV.

So it must be a simple pop up.

  powerless 16:06 21 Mar 2003

Advertisment ;-)

  powerless 16:11 21 Mar 2003
  Fiery251 16:12 21 Mar 2003

Pop-up from where???!!!!

I'm simply double-clicking on my Kazaalite icon on the desktop, to open Kazaalite, as I have done hundreds of times before.

  Fiery251 16:14 21 Mar 2003

I have AVG 6.0 Free Edition. I just havent reinstalled it yet since a reformat yesterday.

Still doesnt explain what this PE-SHIELD thing is........??.

*Bangs head of desk*

  €dstow 16:14 21 Mar 2003

Do you have suicidial tendencies? I ask because of your statement "I dont have any Virus checker running."

Anyone running ANY p2p program is playing a dangerous game anyway. To run one of these programs without virus protection is extremely unwise.

Even though Kazaa lite is supposed to be a sanitized version of Kazaa, it is just a likely to pick up nasties as the full blown version even though they may not be present in the initial download.


  powerless 16:14 21 Mar 2003


  Fiery251 16:20 21 Mar 2003

Like I said, I have AVG 6.0. Just havent got it reinstalled yet....... :)

I too, cant understand why this message should be popping up, as I havent got any Virus checker running that could possibly be reporting this.

  €dstow 16:29 21 Mar 2003

Personally, I would do a system restore or another reformat and then install anti virus software as the absolute first priority followed quickly by antispyware and all the other protective items.


  woodchip 16:34 21 Mar 2003

I cannot believe that somebody would go on the internet without Anti-Virus, It's unbelievable

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