What have I done wrong or not done.

  CR93Pete 13:41 13 May 2008

To try and keep a long story short. I have had to re-install XP on a different drive, so that I can recover lost data and re-install. In trying to get the system to be as near identical to what it was before, I have a problem. I have had a HP Scanjet 5p since the days of 95, which has worked superbly well even with adapting to XP albeit without some of the features. I have re-installed the software using Compatability Mode, together with the Tekram SCSI card, needed for XP. the drivers for the SCSI card went in without effort, but the drivers for the 5p were not asked for, nor since running the DeskjetII version 2.9 software ( for XP ) which was on the sj166en update from HP. In Device Manager, the HP ScanJet 5p is listed under other devices but with a yellow exclamation mark against it. If you click on properties it informs you at the top HP ScanJet using Real Mode drivers. Then "The driver for the device is not installed".( code 28 )
"To reinstall drivers for the device, click Reinstall driver" I have tried just about every combination of possibities of trying to get it to take either new or old driver supplies, i.e. the floppy containing the 95 ones and the sj166en with no sucess. As you would gather from this it doesn't want to work and the scanner test is no good either. Can you suggest what i am doing wrong or what I have not done yet or properly ?
Thanks Team

  Pesala 07:14 15 May 2008

Buy a new scanner for about £50 e.g.click here that will be faster, better quality, and smaller than your 300 dpi HP Scanjet 5P, which is well past its use by date.

There comes a point where old kit is no longer worth the hassle of keeping it. How much is your time worth to you? Probably £10 an hour at least, so five hours messing about is the price of a new scanner.

  CR93Pete 09:52 15 May 2008

Thanks for your note, I do respect your opinion. But I have at the moment no income so I have to be extremely careful on what I spend the very limited funds available. But prior to new drive and enfored re-install it was working perfectly well. I am a bit annoyrd with myself for letting it all happen. I forgot to mention I had recently fitted another SCSI device i.e. a SATA drive and a host controller card.
I wondered if the 2 were clashing, so uninstalled and removed all the SCSI stuff from the system. First off went through the proceddure of re-installing the HP software. Then refitted the Tekram SCSI card, followed by the HP update. Fired it up and still no scanner. After going down the troubleshooter avenue, came to the conclusion that there might be a conflict in the SCSI address. As the SATA drive(s) usually first in the queue, I thought that it should be safe to try 4 instead of 2 ( original setting )as it could now take 2 drives + card. So fired her up again and this time windows announced "Found new hardware" "HP ScanJet 5p", which pleased me no end. Not entirely as when going into Device manager, it was not listed as Other SCSI devices but Imaging Devices and HP scanner. I am sorry but cannot remember where it was before. When you check the properties of the Imaging Device, Scanner it shows only the Windows driver not the Tekram SCSI one. When you check tthe SCSI & RAID Controllers the Tekram Host adapter is there as it should be.Going to the HP ScanJet 5p in Control Manager you can click on the SCSI tab and it says "No SCSI host adapters found". How do I get it to find it ? Should I try Address 5 instead of 4 to allow for the Rekram card ?And then re-install it all again ?
I am sure Windows has found the scanner and presumed ( incorrectly ) that it is a plug & play.
Thanks for your time. Mine is cheap enough as I don't have a job, wish I could, but am long on patience. I do like to make old things work well.
Like computers ad ex GP motorbikes,!

Thanks once again

  daxian 10:22 15 May 2008

hi pete....
try uninstalling the scanner,then let windows detect it again ....then choose to install drivers rather than let windows find them .

  daxian 10:30 15 May 2008

hi again ...
uninstall from device manager....scan for changes
when windows found new hardware wizard starts choose to install drivers from a disk ...hope that makes sense..Dave.

  CR93Pete 13:27 25 Jun 2008

Hi Pesala, Daxian and crew, Thanks once again for advice. I persevered with the HP Deskscan 5P for far too long and came to the conclusion that the software ( that HP had produced to work with XP ) was OK but did not give the best pereformace by todays standards. I went ahead with the suggestion that the USB alternative was a much more viable proposition. I had wasted about 3 weeks of spare time trying unsucessfully to get it to work. Pity as it was a fine machine but not suitable with todays XP. The problem was basicaly that it was designed to work with an ISA SUSI card, hich was changed to a PCI one with a motherboard change. Then as XP changed it was not re-installable, unfortunately.
Thanks again for your time.

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