what has happened to compaq

  eccomputers 11:44 23 Jun 2003

I used to enjoy working on these machines, they were like the rolls royce of the computer world. However, I had to repair a relatively new compaq today and I could have been knocked over with a feather when I opened the case. The build quality was worse than that of a 'time' computer and it was so cramped I ended up with cuts all over my hands from the badly manufactured case.
There was more room for manouvre in doing a 3 point turn with an articulated lorry in my garden shed. The components looked cheap and nasty too. Has compaq decided to let someone else produce their machines?

  y_not 11:57 23 Jun 2003

As we (thats all PC users) don't want to pay out for the machines what else are they (or any other manufactuer) to do?

Like most markets I guess it is price lead

  Sir Radfordin 12:03 23 Jun 2003

I've never seen a nice compaq they are awful and IMHO badly designed. They never seemed to accept standard components in the right way...but there we go each to their own.

As for what has happened to them, just over a year ago Hewlet Packard bought them and they became known as the new HP.

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  spikeychris 12:15 23 Jun 2003

Never worked on a Compaq desktop but their laptops are horrible to work on. Never been able to get a keyboard off one without breaking the lugs..

  Stuartli 13:35 23 Jun 2003

Compaq and Hewlett Packard combined about a year ago - if you go to the HP website you will find information for both makes.

However, as HP produces high quality products, it would seem strange if it allowed the solid reputation of Compaq's equally high standards to be debased.

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