What has to change when i go from Dialup to BroadB

  Jmac179 21:14 01 Jun 2005

I am looking to go from Dial up to BroadBand, but i am unsure what will have to change.

I have 5 user accounts on this desk top and each have their own independant dial up accounts at present ie Virgin, Wanadoo & Freeserve, can they be kept when i change to BB?


  flavas 21:31 01 Jun 2005

If it is cable broadband , you can keep the dial up acccounts. But if it is adsl broadband then you will disconnect the phone line everytime you dial up but not when you are on the broadband.

  Stuartli 21:38 01 Jun 2005

I have broadband and two dialup accounts - I use the dialup whilst offline broadband wise without any problems.

  anchor 09:12 02 Jun 2005

I have broadband via a BT line, and 4 dial-up accounts.

Plug your filter into the phone socket, with the modem, (or router), connected to the appropriate socket. In the other socket of the filter I have a double adaptor. Into this is plugged the telephone, and the lead from the 56k modem in the PC. Works fine!.

I cannot comment about using cable broadband as I have no experience of this.

  Fingees 10:44 02 Jun 2005

I have BB plus one dial up account,which I access occasionally in order to be able to use my old Email addresses.

on broadband I can still access all my dial up things like mail Etc.
It's as I say, dialup occasionally to keep accounts working.

I also unplug my dialup modem when not being used, as I have had a rogue dialler, which of course doesn't happen on BB

  Stuartli 12:57 02 Jun 2005

My method is very similar to anchor but I have a dedicated broadband cable to the BB modem and, from the phone side, a double adapter carries the extension lead for the PCI modem plus another extension lead (with a second double adapter) for the main cordless phone and an answering machine.

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