What hardware?? record camcorder to pc

  crysta1s1ayer 12:14 26 Dec 2006

Good afternoon all,
I have an old(ish)Sony camcorder (2001) using HI8 tapes and, unfortunately one model down from the first one that can connect to the PC.
So, What hardware do I need if I wish to record from this, or from a VCR to my PC.
I presume that once you have a source you can record footage in WMP providing you have sufficient HD space.
The cables I will probably be using are standard jack to phono (L/R). alternatively my camcorder has an S Video out port.

Since I stored my VCR in the loft I have been looking for a cost effective way to store my camera footage in a readily accessible form and I am looking to convert to DVD in the future but that is a small step compared to getting the stuff on the PC in the first place.
Any help would be gratefully recieved.

  Pamy 12:36 26 Dec 2006

Basically, you nead a graphics card or other plug in card that has anologue and/or s-vhs input.

  Pamy 12:46 26 Dec 2006
  rambus 12:47 26 Dec 2006

my advice is to not bother, unless you have a super fast proccesor and high spec ram. because camcorder is analogue it can only upload in real time, then pc has to convert to digital (takes forever) then you have to burn to disc and you will lose quality when you play on tv thru dvd player. have been there and its a long process. much better doing it thru a dvd recorder.

  Totally-braindead 12:55 26 Dec 2006

I would agree with rambus. Using a digital camcorder is one thing but analogue ones need a good PC and have to convert the files from analogue to digital and this can take some time.
Connect it to a standalone DVD recorder linked via a SCART lead and do it that way. Its much easier and and you can do it in real time ie a one hour tape will take one hour to record to DVD. If you do it on your computer, assumming you can, it will take a lot longer.
You can get a cheap DVD recorder for as little as £60 now and as long as theres a SCART input on it it will do the job nicely.
There have been a number of products advertised that can do it via the PC, Pinnacle make some of them but some seem to find they work ok and others seem to have problems so I would just buy a DVD recorder.

  Pamy 12:57 26 Dec 2006

Have to agree with rambus

  crysta1s1ayer 13:43 26 Dec 2006

Wow, what can I say?
those responses were so fast I barely had time to make my turkey sandwiches!
Thank you all so much. I hadn't even considered using a DVD recorder but it sounds like the best and most cost-effective option

Many thanks indeed and a happy new year to all for next weekend


  Totally-braindead 23:54 26 Dec 2006

If you have old VHS videos lying about you can use the same method to back them up onto DVD, very handy if you want to save some treasured family memories for the future.
One thing though, by all means use RW disks for practice but these are not stable enough for things you wish to keep. Always use either DVD-R or DVD+R as the DVDRW equivalents will fail over time.

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