What is this hard drive partition for

  alankearn 10:18 16 Mar 2011

Just curious because I have never ticked it when I have backed up, what is this (System Reserved) partition
is it important,
do I need it,
Its not ticked for backup when I start up Acronis, should I tick it so that it backs up with c drive the next time I do a backup.

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  HondaMan 10:21 16 Mar 2011

It's probably an image of your hard drive which is used to restore your computer if all else fails. Probably best to leave it alone!

  lotvic 10:33 16 Mar 2011

If your link was supposed to be a screenshot picture - it doesn't work.
You could post a new link to screenshot and also give more details. OS (XP, W7?) and size of partition etc.

If W7 then it does make and need a small partition in addition to the main C:

  alankearn 10:48 16 Mar 2011

OS Windows 7

Should I include this partition in my Acronis backups as it is not ticked when I start up Acronis.

Hope this link works

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  SparkyJack 10:50 16 Mar 2011

All machines these days come with Windows pre-installed and no Windows program disk as such.
This partition is the repair/restore facility if the main 'works' in 'C' go down.
If it does- on boot you will get a after POST message[white text o black screen- something like
'Press F10 to restore'.
When you do that the machine will delete 'C' drive and recreate it from the partition.
In so doing all data will be lost.
As Honda Man says - leave well alone
and keep everything thing[ Documents /images/music
backed up.
By the way you cannot back up programs - they will have to be re installed from scratch.

  robin_x 10:58 16 Mar 2011

Yes. It's Active meaning it is a Boot Partition which then boots on to C and Windows.

100MBmuch too small for Windows (I am guessing W7 as you have a new 500GB disc and what looks like a clean 22Gb install.)

My recovery partition is 13GB. (11GB used)

I don't know if you don't have a recovery partition or if it is hidden.

Please confirm your details (OS/Make/Model)

Even if using Acronis, do make sure you have made a set of Boot recovery DVDs.

  woodchip 10:59 16 Mar 2011

If you use Acronis to create Images, it backs up all including Partition Info and Programs

  alankearn 11:34 16 Mar 2011

My Zoostorm computer is slightly less powerfull than this one (2.9 processor and only 2GB ram)
it has a copy of Windows 7 home premium retail version (not oem)installed that I bought for £45 when it W7 was first released.

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  finerty 11:46 16 Mar 2011

or theres this one click here

  lotvic 15:58 16 Mar 2011

Acronis - When you do a Backup you put the check mark against Disk 1. This selects the entire drive - including that 100Mb System partition.

Apparently it contains the files needed for boot and repair the installation. When you install Win 7 it always creates a 100MB partition for the files that it needs to boot and for the repair option menu (unless you format the drive before hand which at that point the files will then be placed in a hidden folder) click here

(note to myself: I am going to have to find out what happens on a Backup with the hidden folder....)

  Batch 17:41 16 Mar 2011

I'm using XP so have no experience of W7, but am intrigued by the idea that W7 uses / needs an additional partition to boot (I'll go with the repair aspect though).

Do you have any more info. on this / links that explain this concept?

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