What graphics cards fit the Acer X3812?

  Domino1999 13:38 19 Nov 2009

I'm considering buying the Acer X3812 quad-core PC. The only thing putting me off is the fact it uses an on-board Intel GMAX4500 graphics chip.

I'd like to buy a better graphics card so I can play the latest games.

The board has 2 PCI expansion slots, however the case is a space-saver and the PSU is (I think) only 220W.

I can't find any information from Acer or anywhere else about what cards would fit/work with this PC.

Can anybody help?

  T0SH 15:16 19 Nov 2009

Looks like it has a low profile case which will seriosly limit your choices of graphics cards not to mention the additional cost of purchasing the said cards

All in all I would forget it and buy a normal sized case if you plan to upgrade

Cheers HC

  GaT7 16:00 19 Nov 2009

As TOSH says, you'll need a standard-sized ATX case to be able to fit one of those gigantic modern day high-end graphics cards. It's not just the height of the card, but they are long (up to 10-11 inches & more) & broad (taking up 1-2 adjacent slots).

In addition, the best GPUs also require a x16 PCI-E slot to run - not a PCI slot.

And finally a good quality 500W PSU with at least 2x dedicated 6pin (or 6+2pin) PCI-E connectors are required.

An Acer Aspire M3802 click here (£400), together with a dedicated GPU & suitable PSU replacement is what you should be looking at. More PCs to look at, sorted by ascending prices click here. G

  Domino1999 07:40 20 Nov 2009

Thanks guys. It does have 1 x PCI-E x16 slot available, so can you suggest the best low-profile card that would fit? I'm not after the latest all singing all dancing card, just one that would allow me to play some games (albeit at lower frame rate/resolution/performance).

I appreciate that a PC in a full size case would make life easier in this respect, but I just don't have the room. The small form factor of the X3812 would fit perfectly into the space I have available.


  GaT7 16:44 20 Nov 2009

The only low-profile (LP) PCI-E card worth considering from a 3D gaming viewpoint is a LP low power 9600GT like click here by Galaxy (they appear to be the only manufacturer of this card).

Unfortunately, it will still require a reasonable PSU - "Minimum 300W or greater system power supply with a minimum 12V current rating of 26A" - according to the official specs. Getting a replacement compatible PSU may be very difficult on account of the small, non-standard size.

And, at this point we aren't sure if the Acer X3812 will accept a LP card (height of rear bracket will determine this), or even house the 9600GT's considerable length. Another issue that would be of some concern is the heat generated in the small, fanless case. G

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