What graphics card to replace Radeon 9600XT-4

  Budgie100 17:26 08 Feb 2009

I have a PC that is approx 5 years old. The cooling fan on the graphics card has become very noisy. I have been looking for a replacement fan, but this seems to be a bit risky (lots of discussions about new fans have different mouting pisitions or the new fans foul other components on the card.
I'm guessing it may be easier to just replace the graphics card. I have no real interest in high end gaming, so just want a card that has similar capabilities to the original (but if its slightly better thats obviously fine).
Can anyone suggest what alternative graphics card I should be looking for

  grey george 21:00 08 Feb 2009

This all depends on how much you wish to pay: click here

The above link is for the latest Radeon cards you will need to find one that will match your current configuration and your wallet.

  Muergo 22:26 08 Feb 2009

I think George gave you the USA link.

PCA JAN?FEB 2009 gave HD 4550 as best budget card, I got one in Maplin sale for £49.99.
PCA said Geforce was £5 cheaper but not half as good, haven't fitted it yet, will let you know, need to do it when all the others in my house are out so I can do it slowly in peace!!

  Budgie100 10:47 09 Feb 2009

Thanks for the info so far, but (being honest) I'm not sure what I'm looking for ..is my existing card AGP/PCI/PCI-Express?

I think its AGP, so if I find another card which is AGP...will this work?
I have seen the info on ATI Radeon HD 4550 and that looks OK price wise.... would that be a suitable replacment for the 9600XT-4 that I have at the moment?


  Marko797 11:13 09 Feb 2009

AGP Radeon HD3850 512mb card...superb & would recommend - cost £115 quid tho. Has certainly extended the life of my old machine.

Not sure what's available in the Radeon 4xxx series however.

  PSF 13:27 09 Feb 2009

click here
click here

There are still a few AGP cards you can buy. If you go for the HD3850 make sure your power supply is 400W + to run the card.
click here This chart shows a list of graphics cards with thier 3D06 benchmarks. The HD3850 does well for an AGP card.

I have just ordered one to replace my sons failing card. £82 is a good price :-)

  Marko797 13:37 09 Feb 2009

your final 'click here' did not feature the 512mb HD 3850 AGP, but did feature the 256mb...unless I missed it.

Went thru Tom's Hardware, and found this click here which suggests the 3850 512mb is the best over $100 AGP card, with the Radeon HD 2600 XT best AGP under $100.

  PSF 13:47 09 Feb 2009

You are correct it is the 256mb version. A lot of manufacturers change the specs by adding more ram. This extra ram will help at higher resolutions. That card should revive an older pc as long as the power supply can take it.

  grey george 16:33 09 Feb 2009

This is the spec of your old card
click here
So it is agp up to 8x and has 128ram

This is the spec for a hd 4550: click here

This requires a pci express slot and a 300 watt power supply so may not fit your mother board

  Marko797 16:39 09 Feb 2009

if he has an AGP card, then PCI-e will not be suitable. I think the only 2 options are the 2 cards mentioned, but there will be a need to ensure the psu can cope.

  Budgie100 19:05 13 Feb 2009

Guys, I'm really greatful for the help...I'll have a look at those suggested, and let you know how I get on... seems like AGP cards are getting rare!

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