What graphics card do you reccomend...?

  Major Disaster 15:23 23 Aug 2005

Hey all,
Im trying to upgrade my card (a Nvidia GeForce MX420 64MB) to something half decent that i can play games on. I have seen the following on ebay, what do you think is the best of:

1. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb
2. Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 XT 256MB
3. Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis 256MB.

And will these be compatible with my current system (a Dell 4500, quite old). I think my motherboard is (from belarc advisor):

Board: Intel Corporation D845EPT2 AAA83422-107
Serial Number: CN04P6154811127200HJ
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Intel Corp. A02 05/22/2002)

Thanks for the help!

  Midsman2005 15:35 23 Aug 2005

The 9800 pro is by far the best card there.

Also consider fx5900xt or fx5900 ultra.

For a 9800 pro and the two fx cards i have told you about you will need a 300W power supply (although you might get away with 250W). So check what yours is. PSU upgrade is not difficult and they are cheap to buy (even a 550W is only 20 quid).

As your mobo has a 4X agp slot...all these cards should work.

Like I said...the only issue is that you might have a low wattage PSU.

  Midsman2005 15:37 23 Aug 2005

Also, how much RAM do you have?

If you have ess than 512kb you might want to boost it up a bit.

A 5900xt 5900 ultra or a 9800Pro with 1gb of RAM will have you playing smoothly enough.

What processor you got?

  gudgulf 15:47 23 Aug 2005

According to the manual for your mobo you have an AGP4x slot click here

This should support any of the cards you mention.Of those the 9800pro 128MB is by far the best.There is little to chose between the other two although the xt model will be slightly faster than the 9600pro.

Don't be fooled by the lesser amount of memory on the 9800pro......it has 8 pixel pielines as opposed to 4 on the other cards which makes much more difference to the performance of the card than onboard ram.

You don't quote any prices or your budget but bear in mind the excellent Nvidia6600gt card is dropping in price (AGP version).

To be totally honest ANYTHING will be a big improvement over an mx420....I know this for sure because I have one as a backup in case my main card breaks,lol.

  Midsman2005 15:56 23 Aug 2005

Dont bother with the 6600GT.

As you only have a 4X AGP slot on the mobo the 6600GT card wont improve performance much above the 9800Pro.

Unless of course you are looking to buy a new PC or upgrade your mobo anytime in the next year, in which case a bigger and better card is worth it to put into your new setup.

But on your current setup, the 9800Pro will improve performance about as much as you can expect.

  Joe R 15:56 23 Aug 2005

If you can afford it, this card is by far the best mid-range, as gudgulf has already said. click here

  Midsman2005 15:57 23 Aug 2005

Also...the 6600GT will be a lot more expensive than the 9800Pro!

  Midsman2005 16:00 23 Aug 2005

The guy is looking at 9800 and 9600 cards on Ebay.

He obviously does not want to spend a hundred quid!

We might as well tell him to get a 6800GT...they are even better.

or what about 7800GTX...

lol, sorry could not resist.

  Major Disaster 16:05 23 Aug 2005

Wow thanks for the response.

I am surpised by the overwhelming support for the 9800 Pro when i was almost ready to buy the 9600 Pro with more memory!

Midsman2005 - how do i check what my PSU is? I have 768MB RAM and a 2.2 GHz Intel P4 Processor.

gudgulf - again i am quite shocked that you reccomend that card, but what you say makes sense.
I have seen the 9800 Pro from about £25 - £40 so my budget is around there. Is a Nvidia 6600gt better than a 9800 Pro?

  Major Disaster 16:08 23 Aug 2005

Hey, i posted beofre i got that last cople posts.

I dont want to spend much, but first i want to see what you think the best card is and then ill see what price i can get it for (£40 and below).

  Joe R 16:08 23 Aug 2005

Major Disaster,

Is a Nvidia 6600gt better than a 9800 Pro?.

Yes it is a better card, but as you say your budget, does not reach that far.

Looking at your system, you will see a good deal better graphics, with the 9800 pro.

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