What graphics card do I buy?

  helpgraphics 13:09 19 Feb 2014

Hello, I currently have a gaming pc, the graphics card is a bit old and want to buy a new one, my current card is AMD Radeon HD 6450 Im looking to spend about £100-120 on a new one, I don't know if the Nvdia graphics cards work if you've previously installed an AMD graphics card, I seriously don't know allot about these cards.... does anyone have any ideas on what graphics card I should buy?(Also I see some of them have like DVI and HDMI in the description and I'm currently using a VGA cable because the HDMI cable doesn't work with my monitor at 1920x1080, the sides of my screen are cut off but with VGA its full screen with 1920x1080 and in hd if that makes any sense to you...)

  martd7 16:40 19 Feb 2014

Strange the monitors not full screen using hdmi but it is using vga,is it a widescreen 16:9 monitor?

Any graphics card works in a pci-e slot amd or nvidia

which type of games are you hoping to play and on what settings?

  martd7 16:43 19 Feb 2014

Also what wattage is you psu?

  helpgraphics 18:35 19 Feb 2014

The Monitor im using is Samsung S24C300H, the screen resoloution Says 1920*1080 and the monitor came with a DVI and VGA connection, I bought the HDMI cable seperatly, I haven't tested the dvi cable yet. and it says HDMI on the back and in the contents page ETC so i dont know... Also when I go to run>dxdiag it says Current display mode: 1920x1080 (32bit) (60hz) Monitor: Generec PnP Monitor. Now I use to play a game on my old 16:9 monitor at 1600x900 and it ran at reasonable FPS but now with this new monitor at 1920x1080 my FPS has dropped allot, that is why I want to buy a new graphics card. I don't know if its 16:9 but here is a link to the same model but with an S on the end.. click here And for games I want to play MMO/RPG or open world games like Diablo 3 Skyrim Dayz WoW etc. Not games like battlefield 4 which requires the top end Graphics card. My PSU on this PC just stopped so I transferred the one from my old PC which is probably 400-450 watts to this one, im suprised it hasn't broke I've been using it for a few months and I also need a new PSU.

  helpgraphics 18:38 19 Feb 2014

So probably spending £170 now with Graphics card and PSU

  martd7 20:56 19 Feb 2014

If you want to stay with AMD this is a £100 Radeon card

click here you need a minimum 450w psu so id look for a decent 550w

Comparison here with your current graphics card

click here a dvi lead on your monitor,most graphics have dvi\ hdmi now

Note Try

  helpgraphics 21:10 19 Feb 2014

Thanks, is there any difference between the sapphire edtion and normal one? Im on the same website as you linked the graphics card and I found 2 decent looking PSU's click here There basically the same just higher wattage, tell me if you can see both of the powersupplys otherwise ill screenshot and link through imgur or whatever. And if you can what one do you recommend I buy because I dont mind spending £5 on that other one. Also I see there are other PSU with same wattage, very cheap and I've heard they break very easily like my one did of course so not looking at them.

  helpgraphics 21:18 19 Feb 2014

Well, what I thought was a dvi cable turned out not to be it was a connection for the power supply for the monitor lol...... And I checked the back and it only has RGB IN and HDMI IN (the RGB IN is the vga)

  helpgraphics 21:22 19 Feb 2014

Sorry for all the replies, I just switched to my HDMI cable and its full screen in 1600x900 and when i go to 1920x1080 it has thick black edges, doesn't even look HD At all

  helpgraphics 21:26 19 Feb 2014

Sorry again for ANOTHER post... but when I go onto screen resoloution it says 1920x1080(reccomended) also..

  helpgraphics 21:30 19 Feb 2014

Lol sorry for like the 50th reply but Can't I use a VGA with that graphics card you linked me or do I have to buy a DVI cable that will work with that graphics card and this monitor?

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