What graphics card to buy?

  Sabercrest 23:41 01 Nov 2008

I've just bought a new PC with a 22" monitor, and decided that I wanted to take the leap to dual screen. I therefore then bought another of the same 22" widescreen monitor, however my video card
(ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series) will only support one monitor. Therefore I'm wondering which video card to buy.

My computer is a HP-Pavilion s3541.uk, which is a slimline PC, and I think I've identified that I'm going to need a PCI Express x1 low type graphics card.

Money is not really TOO much of an issue, however I obviously don't want to be spending TOO much either. I'd quite like it to have at least 256MB of video memory, since my current one does.

Which graphics cards would actually work with my computer, and which would be the best to go for, taking into account both performance and price.

Also taking into account for power consumption as I'm not too sure about how much my computer will allow. It has the standard power supply it was shipped with.

The only one I've managed to find so far is the PNY Quadro NVS290.

[url=click here]Link.[/url]

  rustyboy 09:05 02 Nov 2008

From what i can find your machine only has 1 pcie 16 slot hence the dual card option isnt there for you.
I can't find details on what PSU you have either at present but the card i'd recommend for you would be this
click here

It supports 2 screens is a decent card for running games on and isnt to expensive to buy.

For your info. alot of 2.0 cards will work in 1.0 slots.
I have a friend using a ATI 4850 in a 1.0 slot and it works fine for him.

If you have any doubts at all ring your PC suppliers help desk and ask them.

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