what graphics card?

  blueboy2uk 13:48 11 Oct 2004

at present i have a as rock motherboard that has a built in graphics card but its not up to much,
i have a pentinum 4 2.4 processor and have got 1 gig of memory installed and a 40 gig hard drive,
i am not a games nutter but would like to play up to date games without them being slow and jumpy can enybody reccomend a graphics card i can install into my present set up i would like to spend around £100 bit will go a bit higher if ness , and what would i need to do to the present set up ie adjust the bios so the the new card i install runs as it should, do i disable the present graphics seeing it is part of my present motherboard(as rock M266A 3.0x) many thanks for and advice you can offer.

  citadel 20:18 11 Oct 2004

an fx5900xt or 9800pro are about £130 and will suit you. Download your motherbord manual for info on bios. It may be that you have to disable onboard graphics then install the new card. Some motherboards auto disable onboard graphics when they detect the presence of a card in the agp slot.

  livewire 20:28 11 Oct 2004

Or the ATi RADEON 9600 series is a good choice for value!

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