What is a good Upload speed??

  clock 09:51 01 Feb 2012

Have good 7.3 Download speed, but 38.2 mbps upload speed which is slow on the speed test I've just done. But is it reasonable? Plus I'm not really sure about the difference between download and upload speed. Some pages are really slow to give results and Internet Explorer is "not responding" more frequently at the moment. Ideas??


  bremner 10:01 01 Feb 2012

You do not mean 38.2Mb

I assume you mean Kb, if so then this is very slow and you should speakmto your ISP

  Secret-Squirrel 10:06 01 Feb 2012

"but 38.2 mbps upload speed which is slow on the speed test I've just done."

No one has an upload speed that fast ;) Have you got the decimal point in the wrong place perhaps? If it's actually .382Mbps (382Kbps) then that's perfectly acceptable.

  clock 10:16 01 Feb 2012

Hi Secret Squirrel, (love the name!)

Of course I got the decimal point in the wrong place, silly me, should have been .382 mbps, sorry! Did the test again and it was the same, it's just that the upload speed looks so slow on the dial you see during the test, and I had been having trouble with Internet Explorer "not responding" recently.

If that is a good speed than I'm happy,thanks for replies, call this resolved if I can work out how to do that!!!

  john bunyan 10:32 01 Feb 2012

My speedtest today was 9.75 Mbps download; 0.875 Mbps upload. I am on a "Up to 8 Mbps" contract, so very good. However there have been some bad dips from time to time.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:41 01 Feb 2012

"it's just that the upload speed looks so slow on the dial you see during the test...."

It's the same for everyone - the upload speed is always a lot lower than the download speed. Depending on your ISP and the package you're on, normal upload speeds can vary from yours to around 1Mbps. That's not usually a problem as we spend most of our time downloading - ie: webpages, files, and programs etc. We upload when we send e-mails and add our own videos to YouTube etc. If you do a lot of that then a faster upload speed is better.

If you'd like your IE problem sorted then it's probably best to start a new thread with a descriptive title.

  Input Overload 11:07 01 Feb 2012

For interest the clue is in the name - ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - Asymmetric, The up-speed to not symmetrical to the down. More useless information :-)

I think most users (well me that is) want faster up-speeds rather than faster down. The problem is that is is far more technically difficult or expensive to achieve though.

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