What GFX card

  acceptmyname 23:58 14 Dec 2008

hi dude which one is the best,

click here
click here

  GaT7 00:14 15 Dec 2008

The 2nd one - 9800 GT 512MB. G

  acceptmyname 00:17 15 Dec 2008

I know i only asked which one but could you tell me y please

  acceptmyname 16:30 15 Dec 2008


  acceptmyname 16:35 15 Dec 2008

are these 2 the same GFX card.
click here
click here

  GaT7 20:08 15 Dec 2008

Sorry, your 2nd link doesn't work, but if you meant this PNY one click here - then yes, it is the same.

"I know i only asked which one but could you tell me y please" - I did tell you, didn't I? Will do so again - the 2nd one is better of the two. G

  acceptmyname 12:34 16 Dec 2008

LOL thanks again crossbow but i meant y is the 2nd one better.

  GaT7 17:51 16 Dec 2008

Well, basically speaking, the specs are better, which in turn makes for a 'faster' card.

In this instance, even though the 9600GT has double the memory, the 9800GT is still a 'faster' performing card overall. Benchmark comparison based on fps at 1280x1024 click here[2074]=on&prod[2067]=on - greater is better. You can do more comparisons with other benchmarks/settings at click here.

There may not seem much difference in them - but
as they're virtually the same price, the 9800GT is the better choice in terms of raw performance.

Any particular reason you'll be getting one of these cards? I suppose the answer is quite obvious, but if you're NOT a 'gamer' (&/or you don't have a particularly good spec), you could save a lot by getting something more basic. G

  GaT7 17:55 16 Dec 2008

The 1st link again click here. G

  acceptmyname 08:48 17 Dec 2008

Thanks for the help Crossbow, I am a gamer love COD4 and halo.

Got my card yesterday but the missus has taken it off me until xmas day, (bugger eh)

I will let you know what i think and how it goes after that,.

Agaiin thanks to all that responded especially Crossbow

  GaT7 18:02 18 Dec 2008

Hmm, those are games I haven't tried yet - Half Life is another.

Good on her! So I guess you're keeping you're gift to her until Xmas day too?

Thanks, some feedback about the card will be appreciated. Need to upgrade mine at some point too.

Ahem! I was the only one who responded ;-). G

P.S. Sorry, I forgot to ask about your PC spec - i.e. whether the graphics card would be suitable, compatible, etc. Let us know if you have any doubts/questions about this.

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