What is a GB LAN?

  ZootHornRollo 21:06 28 Jan 2007

My old Evesham PC is on its last legs and I want to buy a new one It must have a wi-fi connection and the spec I want from Evesham (based on the Solar VX) doesn't have one. So I looked at MESH and they offer something called a GB LAN. Is this the same as wi -fi?

What is it exactly?

And why don't Evesham provide Wi-fi? Don't they want my money?

  Fateful Shadow 21:13 28 Jan 2007

Gb LAN = Gigabit Local Area Network.

I think this is wired, as wirless can't very high data transfer speeds yet.

  Fateful Shadow 21:16 28 Jan 2007

...Wireless* cannot reach very high data transfer speed yet.

I'll learn to type one day...

  Woolwell 21:18 28 Jan 2007

My understanding is that Gb Lan is not wireless. LAN's are normally wired networks.

In my experience few desktops come with wi-fi as they are static and most hard wire to modems or routers. You can of course purchase a USB wireless adaptor which will work with the Evesham or any other brand which will give you wi-fi.

  Dan S 21:21 28 Jan 2007

To be honest ZootHornRollo, PC's that come with wireless as standard are quite rare. If you're intent on getting wireless, then I recommend you get either a plug-in USB adapter or a PCI Card. I personally think the latter is more stable, but will involve delving beyond the Casing of the PC, while the former is generally more versatile but can be temperamental, depending on your model. Personally, I recommend Netgear.

  wjrt 23:25 28 Jan 2007

click here

scroll down and under network card is the option of 811b.g. which is a wireless card

  ZootHornRollo 20:53 29 Jan 2007

I asked Evesham about this as I kept getting a pop saying it was not possible.

Here's their answer verbatim - including their exact spelling which could prove interesting come Valentine's day. Makes me worry about the quality of their allegedly excellent customer service

Dear Sir,

This machine only has two PCI slots and the soundcard takes up one slot and the graphics card is rather large and over hangs the other slot.

We could supply a USB wireless dongle or if you prefer I could see if it would be possible to remove the souncard totally and replace with the wife card?

  PaulB2005 20:58 29 Jan 2007

"scroll down and under network card is the option of 811b.g. which is a wireless card"

Shows the importance of accurate reporting. Transposing two characters has led us all down the wrong path....

  Rtus 21:43 29 Jan 2007

just a note > On board wifi is now being offered on many Mobo's click here

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