What gaming pc should i ( a beginner) buy ?

  nix2312 13:15 25 May 2013

I currently have a xbox 360 but after seeing how disappointing xbox one / ps4 look i'm considering buying a gaming pc instead. My budget is around £800 but i could go as high as £1k (including monitor, mouse, keyboard). I play games such as skyrim, bioshock, halo and mass effect.

I've looked at alienware but have heard they are overpriced ? If any one has any good advice for I would really appreciate it.

  nix2312 13:18 25 May 2013

oh and i forgot to add i'm a civil engineering student and would prefer it if the pc could run some of the software i need to use (autocad sketchup etc)

  Chronos the 2nd 14:16 25 May 2013

Have a look at Chillblast. Which build very decent machines and have an excellent customer service department and reputation.

Have a look at the Chillblast Fusion Vantage Which has pretty decent specs and will do what you want. That is just on the £1K mark.

But you could also buy the base unit from here and then get a monitor ETC elsewhere.

  nix2312 15:01 25 May 2013

ok thankyou i'm having a look at it now are there any alterations to the standard model you would recommend ? (changing graphics card fans etc)

  Chronos the 2nd 16:44 25 May 2013

As this at the lmit of your budget then there are not a lot tweaks available. But on closer inspection I am not so sure about this one as you have no need of 16GB RAM. No matter what you want to do you will never ever need more than 8GB but I see that you cannot reduce that. So I have had another look at the selections.

There is this one. Chillblast Fusion Blaze. With a base price of £800 quid. But with that one I would swap the PSU for the Corsair Ultra Low Noise 600W,add the 120GB Samsung 840 SSD which you would use for your operating system and programs, swap the 2TB hard-drive to 1 1TB hard-drives and 1 x 500GB HDD. The larger one will be for your photos,music documents ETC and the other 500GB for your games. (I have a similar setup. I would also swap the Windows 8 64 Bit operating system to Windows 7 64Bit, but that is because I do not like Windows 8 but you may well do. Your choice. That brings the price to a shade over a grand £1036.

Another one but without KB/Mouse and monitor is Chillblast Fusion Hurricane.

  nix2312 17:34 25 May 2013

ok cheers you've been really helpfull

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