What is F_USB2

  hebeallrusty 15:19 26 May 2004

This may sound stupid but does f_usb2 mean my computer has usb2 ports. The reason I ask is that I have a freecom multi-format DVD burner and everytime i connect it to the computer i get the message that the "Hi-speed USB device is plugged into a non-Hi-speed usb hub". Searching the internet and the packard bell site suggest that the motherboard has "Two of the USB ports are on the back panel, and the onboard F_USB2 header can be connected to two USB ports." The motherboard is a Columbia GX (GA-8SIML) Ver 1.0 µATX and the computer is an I MEDIA 5064 (it seems that it is an obscure model" Does anybody know if the computer has usb2 ports? BTW i have installed service pack 1 and am running XP home.
Thanks in advance

  Epocs 15:21 26 May 2004

That error message usually occurs if you plug in a USB 2 device into a USB 1 socket. They are comaptible but USB1 obvioulsy runs much slower.

  Johny C 15:23 26 May 2004

click here

Note: There is support for 4 USB ports on the motherboard, all of which are active at the same time (so no need for a USB selection jumper). Two of the USB ports are on the back panel, and the onboard F_USB2 header can be connected to two USB ports.
AC'97 link for audio and telephony codecs (AC'97 2.2 interface).
SMBus interface.

  hebeallrusty 15:25 26 May 2004

but what does f_usb2 mean

  Epocs 15:30 26 May 2004

It would think it means front USB, as in a header board to connect front USB sockets to.

  hebeallrusty 15:33 26 May 2004

so it doesn't have usb2 ports then

  Epocs 15:36 26 May 2004

Not by the sound of it, i.e the error message. There might be some program you can use to test your computer, failing that the only way you can be one hundred per cent sure is find the motherboard manual. If that doesn't say USB2 support then it won't as most m'boards manuals and specs tend to mention this quite prominantly, especially on the early boards to support USB2 as considered a big selling point.

  Djohn 15:55 26 May 2004

Johny C and Epocs are correct. You have 2 x 1.1 USB ports or outlets on the rear of your PC. You also have a header on the board [Small connector pins] that you can use to connect another 2 x USB 1.1 outlets to the front of your PC.

These usually come as a plate that replaces one of the blanking plates at the front where an optical drive would fit. The USB 1.1 you have at the moment will work fine with any USB 2.0 hardware but at the lower speed. [Not noticeable in 9 out of 10 applications.]

You can also buy for a few pounds a PCI card that will slot inside your PC giving you an extra 4 USB 2.0 outlets at the rear. Some will also have the facility with the supplied lead to give you the ports at the front of your PC.

As you are using XP SP1 you will not need to install any drivers for the new card to be recognised. 98/98se/ME and XP without the service pack will also work but needs the drivers supplied with the card. j.

  hebeallrusty 15:58 26 May 2004

Thank you all for you help as you have now solved my problem

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