what fsb is AMD XP3000+

  freefx 08:59 19 Jun 2005

looked at AMD website it specifies 3000+ and 3200+ run at fsb4000 but in ebuyer website and some others it says it runs at fsb333. Model no is AXDA3000BOX.

Confused here. who is right?

Im thinking of getting one myself but only if its fsb is 4000mhz and takes DDR3200

  timeteam2004 09:02 19 Jun 2005

Actual Speed Is 2.167GHz / 333FSB / 13.0x multiplier.

  leo49 09:10 19 Jun 2005

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  Joe R 09:19 19 Jun 2005


the cpu you describe has a fsb of 4000.

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  dagwoood 09:21 19 Jun 2005

freefx, there are two types of 3000+ CPU's, some have a FSB of 333MHz and some have a FSB of 400MHz(there's only one version of the 3200+ and it's FSB is 400MHz).

Found this on the AMD site click here(1224)

HTH, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 09:25 19 Jun 2005

For some reason this site didn't like the URL I posted, try this click here

  Joe R 09:35 19 Jun 2005


I see what you're saying, so the 400 fsb, must end with the KV4E serial, and the 333, KV4D.

  leo49 09:43 19 Jun 2005

I checked a few places that sell this manufacturer's part no.AXDA3000BOX [including Watford savastore] and they're all quoting 333fsb so chances are it's the slower fsb version that Ebuyer have.

  freefx 10:10 19 Jun 2005

Thanks to all

  dagwoood 10:23 19 Jun 2005

freefx, if the motherboard supports pc3200 memory, then you shouldn't have a problem using pc3200 memory with a CPU thats FSB is 333MHz. All that will happen is you memory will run at pc2700 speed.

HTH, dagwoood.

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