What format should photos be saved as?

  Alf58 17:25 30 May 2007

What format is it best to save photographs on a CD so that Boots or whoever are able to open it and make prints? My daughter recently got a digital camera, saved some pictures to a Cd but our local photo developers couldnt open the images. I'm new to this game so have limited ideas.

I got Paint Shop Pro, and Photo Studio 5.5 on my computer if this helps. My daughter has Nero fine Pix. I mean could they be saved as jpegs? or are bit maps better? Help!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 30 May 2007

the camera should save them as jpg, most digital cameras do.

  Alf58 17:43 30 May 2007

Ok So I got a folder on the desktop containing the photographs downloaded from the camera. Nero showtime burned them nicely but onlt nero show time can open them. Windows asks if I wanna save the pictures to CD but when I try I get an error message saying its the wrong kind of CD. Thats what I had expected from Windows the built in software is laughable. All I want to do is burn the pictures onto a CD so they can be professionally printed!

  Diemmess 17:58 30 May 2007

Treat them as what they are, DATA

Most printing places use the jpg format, (though it is a different matter if you want to use high power software to play with them first.)

Use Nero as if you were burning some boring Word files.

Select the data CD method.

Add all the photo jpgs you want to have printed, and burn that.

  Alf58 18:10 30 May 2007

Thank you Diemmess. I shall try your suggestion and tick resolved if all goes well.

  Ray5776 18:23 30 May 2007

Jpeg would be the normal format to save as, why not try printing them yourself if only onto plain paper to begin with, then get some photo paper, you may be surprised at the results if you have a reasonable printer and it is a cheap, easy and interesting thing to do.
This is what I do and get immediate results, for really good quality there is as of yet no substitute for film.

Good luck,


  eedcam 18:53 30 May 2007

Dont forget Jpeg is alossy format the more you play with them they will deterioate.Save the special ones as as psp then s suggested go for homeprinting most decent Photo printeres will = or better Boots.I've printed from negatives and found the boots prints not only inferior but had been marginally cropped

  Alf58 19:05 30 May 2007

Thanks to all. I have burned the photos as data in Nero and all is well so far. Just have to see what happens when I take the CD to Tesco although I have no reason to doubt it will work.

This issue is now resolved. Thanks again everyone.

  Ray5776 19:09 30 May 2007

Thanks for your imput eedcam,as Diemmess has said jpeg is not the ideal format if you want to experiment. As I understand things Alf 58 only wants to print a few snaps so my way of thinking is get a pack of glossy paper and give it a try unless he has a really crap printer.
I use a fairly old cheap Canon i560 and get what I consider to be reasonable photos.
I suppose it depends on one`s individual expectations.


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