what format do i copy dvd's iin

  shazoll 19:29 08 Mar 2003

can anyone help please ihave just invested in a dvd writer (pioneer a05) and have the following programs DCRYPTER, DVD2ONE and NERO./ I am trying to back up a film. I go into the decrypter and transfer the file to a folder, then take the files into dvd2one and transfer the files into a seperate folder,I then go to nero and have so far burned 3 discs without any success. I am opening the folder and drag and drop the files and then go to burn. I have tried ISO files and UDF and they will not play. It seems to be writing OK as when i open the disk up all the files are there, but they will not play in the dvd player.


  Gran_T_Boy 19:43 08 Mar 2003

prefer to use "DvdXCopy", it saves all the decrypting blah blah blah, u just select the dvd, click copy now, and it rips, and burns all in one, it doesnt require nero or any extra software click here

  siouxah1 19:51 08 Mar 2003

Not familiar with writing DVD but you could check the following until someone comes up with the definitive answer.

You need to write the DVD with the correct format. Does this choice appear in NERO wizards?

If you are trying to play back through a stand alone DVD onto the TV make sure that your player is compatible with the DVD format written by your DVD writer.

Check here for suggested compatiblity.click here

Regards Brian j

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