What is this file ???

  Jonwilldo 10:00 26 Jul 2003

I'm a bit puzzled by a file that is currently in my cookies folder.

It is called Index DAT file and 144kb. When I try to amend/delete it a messgae comes up saying it is un use by another program. I have managed to open using Word and it just mainly consists of little square boxes.

I have Ad aware & Mcafee virus scan & they never pick it up.

Just a little bit curious. Anyone help ???

Thanks folks.

  bremner 10:03 26 Jul 2003

It is a Windows file that contains details of the sites you have visited.

  Jester2K II 10:06 26 Jul 2003

Its a record of your Internet History.

Use Supercleaner click here to clean it.

Or install EditPadLite FREE - click here and you can right click the file to open it and then delete the contents and save the empty file.

WARNING - if the file is large then opening the Index.dat file can cause your PC to lock or hang.

  graham√ 10:12 26 Jul 2003

You cannot remove the Dat file.

  Jester2K II 10:15 26 Jul 2003

You can but not whilst windows is using it. It can be deleted during a reboot using Supercleaner or cleaned using EditPadLite (done this loads of times before Supercleaner started to do it)

  Audeal 10:22 26 Jul 2003

Jester2K II. "(done this loads of times before Supercleaner started to do it)". I get the impression that if you can remove this file with Supercleaner that it comes back again. If this is the case then what is the point of removing it in the first place.

  bremner 10:27 26 Jul 2003

Audeal you cannot remove this file it is a system file like Temp Internet files, however you can remove it's contents.

  Jester2K II 10:29 26 Jul 2003

Windows needs the file. If it is removed then it comes back empty and starts filling up again. So OK you can't REMOVE the file but you can clean out its contents.

  Valvegrid 10:42 26 Jul 2003

There is also this little program it's only 969KB when installed and it doesn't add anything to the registry.

click here

  Eastender 11:01 26 Jul 2003

Simplest way is to open the file in NotePad delete the contents and resave the 'empty' dat file.

  Valvegrid 16:58 26 Jul 2003

If it were that easy we wouldn't bother offering the programs to delete the contents. Windows won't let you view the contents of index.dat willingly, give it a try.



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