What the expantion bay for in ps2?

  Jwbjnwolf 14:12 20 Dec 2010

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This is the lovely platinam Playstation 2 I have which i have had since i was about 7/8 or when ever it first came out.
I have noticed that there is a big empty area which has a cover saying expantion bay. What is this for?

  gengiscant 14:33 20 Dec 2010

Sony provided a network adapter that fits into the expansion bay. It also is used by the PS2 hard drive for game saves, etc. The Sony network adapter has a standard IDE port on it that will connect to a hard drive.

  Jwbjnwolf 14:55 20 Dec 2010

how much are they aprox?

  gengiscant 16:22 20 Dec 2010

Ebay click here
Play.com click here

  Jwbjnwolf 20:55 20 Dec 2010

i cannot believe the prices of these things and yet the ps2 has been out for donkeys of years,
And connecting it to the net will most certernly be silly for such an old device as sony is sure to of stopped security updates by now.
us knowing about ps4 due to come out next year(2011)it ain't worth it.
now don't think we know anyone in sony or work in sony as it were a friendly chap in 'Game'store a few years ago which said about that sony were already making ps4 and said that it should hit stores sometime in 2011, and he said that back when we went to see what the ps3 was like and it were not to our liking, so it were some time ago.

My mum even one time had a call from sony which was meant to be to this random bloke so basically it were the wrong number they typed,

and after a few minutes of the bloke trying to say my mum was this who ever person that he meant to speak to,
when my mum said exactly why she ain't this person,
he became quite chaty, and my mum asked about ps4 and said that someone in 'Game' told us,
he couldn't say in detail but he gave some sort of sign meaning yes.

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