What ever happened to drvspace?

  jeez 00:54 23 Apr 2003

I'm going back a few years now but there is one utility that I sorely miss from win98, drvspace, I know it was a controversial program but I tought it was great, doubling the space on your hard disk, saved me a few quid anyway. I wonder, does anyone know of a similar proggy for win xp? I know I've probably more chance of winning the lottery but if you don't ask....

  DieSse 01:09 23 Apr 2003

Go to Help and search for "Disk compression".

  DieSse 01:10 23 Apr 2003

PS - that's Help in WinXP, of course.

  jeez 01:25 23 Apr 2003

aah, sounds good, do you know how much space can be gained and if/how much performance will be affected

  DieSse 01:34 23 Apr 2003

Space saving you can experiment yourself - performance, I just don't know, but I think they use a zip type compressor, which has little impact in a modern system.

I have larger HDDs than I will likely ever need, so I'm not actually into compression ;-))

  jeez 01:42 23 Apr 2003

although my drive isn't exactly big by today's standards (40gb), I don't seem to be able to fill it, I suppose I'm just bieng greedy, but I will stop there's no sense in paying for disk space I don't currently need with system stability/performance eh? but at least it's now an option if I do fill the thing! thanks DieSse

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