what is the equalivent

  hinchie Y2K III 12:50 09 Mar 2004

hi all what is the intel pentium equilavent to a amd athlon 1.3ghz??


  GaT7 13:18 09 Mar 2004

This may give you the necessary info - CPU Comparison Table at Tom's Hardware - click here . There are more related links at bottom of the [above] page.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:50 09 Mar 2004

amd athlon 1.3ghz more than likely is a PIV 1.3.

This was before AMD changed its nomenclature strategy for marketing purposes.

  hinchie Y2K III 10:47 10 Mar 2004

The table does not help and i don't think that it is the equvalent of a pentium 4 as it was not on the market when this was released.

Basically i am after the model of the pentium released when this was

  hinchie Y2K III 10:48 10 Mar 2004

or is it eqivalent to a intel celeron?
If so which model?

  GaT7 16:42 10 Mar 2004

Well, if you'd looked at the links below (of the above link) all the dates are provided.

There's a link entitled: 'Pentium 4/1300 to 3066 MHz: November 2000 to date'

And another link: 'Athlon 650 to 1400: June 2000 to June 2001'

Note the above overlapping dates.

The table shows a Athlon 1333Mhz with a score of 114, while the closest Intel CPUs were: the PIII 1.2Ghz (score: 112), the P4 1.3Ghz (score: 110) - & the Celeron 1.7Ghz (score: 119).

hinchie Y2K III, how much closer do you need than that?

Unless someone else has done/will do such research with specific dates we may never know. You may find something in the archives of online PC mags - surely someone must've published a head-to-head CPU test at the time - worth exploring if you REALLY need to know.

Diodorus Siculus came as close as one could get - well done to him. Also, well done to Tom's Hardware. Where else can one find such info? If anyone does please do post the link here! Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:12 10 Mar 2004

Crossbow7 - I only knew, because I was buying a PC when the AMD 1333 was pretty much top of the range and I agonised about getting the PIV 1300 for a rather large premium. I went with the AMD1333 and still have it - extra hdd, new CD-RW, new sound card, more RAM, but the same processor and no reason to change it.

  GaT7 20:31 10 Mar 2004

Diodorus Siculus - And a WISE choice it seems : )
& that's answered hinchie Y2K III's original query.

PS - hinchie Y2K III, please close if resolved. Thanks for the interesting question.

  hinchie Y2K III 08:41 11 Mar 2004

Hi Crossbow7
That is exactly what i wanted
Diodorus Siculus got it right straight away but i wanted a bit of explantion
Thanks for both of your help



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