what is the encryption key?

  mothercranky 20:48 20 Sep 2007

i am currently staying with a friend and trying to connect my daughters laptop to the network. i went and bought a belkin wireless usb thing which has all gone swimmingly well until it asked for the encryption key.no one has any idea what it is, but my laptop is connected, is there any way i can find out what it is from that?

  brundle 20:51 20 Sep 2007

The encryption key is what your friend's router will be using to protect their wireless internet connection. If they installed it, they will be able to tell you what it is. If someone else installed it, they should have told the owners what key they used.

  mothercranky 20:55 20 Sep 2007

oh i see. is there no way i can find it out then?

  malcolme 20:58 20 Sep 2007

Type into your web browser it should then ask for a User name and password, type in admin for username and admin for password press enter, you should now be able to see the settings for the router and be able to get the WEP key that you need to enter into your laptop.
Please be careful not to change any of the settings on the router.

  irishrapter 21:38 20 Sep 2007

You could try and use a program called "wzcook" on any computer that has connection to the router via wireless.
This may or may not show the encryption key that is being used.

click here to download it.
The program is part of a package called "aircrack" but you only need to run the one program called "wzcook.exe".
It can be found in the zip file under "aircrack-ng-win-0.9.1 \ bin \ wzcook.exe"

  HCOOH 11:44 21 Sep 2007

Is there a label on the back of the router with the key on it.

  HCOOH 11:49 21 Sep 2007

I am puzzled by the fact that your laptop is connected presumably without a key and the other laptop requires one.

  mothercranky 13:13 21 Sep 2007

well i was trying to simplyfy things..........the guy that did their network came over and set mine up for me, i then went to my ex house to pick up my daughters and felt very cheeky ringing him to ask him to come back so tried to do it myself. i cracked under the pressure last night and text him to ask for it. he has text me back with it, i excitedly put it in at 7am, to find..............nothin.

still not connecting. says is connected, but is flashing between connected and not connected.the green light on the device is flashing with it. device manager says it is working properly and the software is on it.
i have to face up to the fact that computing will never be my strong point!

  Teaboy 16:59 21 Sep 2007

mothercranky- Don't give in. far too many have gone into computing and after a setback given it up. One learns more from making mistakes than by alway doing it right. stick it out, and you'll get there.

  mothercranky 18:30 21 Sep 2007

thank you.

why do you think it is flashing between being connected and not?

  skidzy 19:25 21 Sep 2007

The simple way to do this if the machines are xp.

You need a flash/pen drive.

Goto control panel of the host pc connected to the router.
Select the Wireless setup wizard.
Select add to network and follow the prompts.

This can be done with a memory card also.

Using this method will carry over all required settings including the encrypted key code.

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