What is emptying my recycle bin?

  Hetti 18:23 21 Aug 2006

Something on my PC is empyting my recycle bin automatically, I have C/Cleaner and on the Settings page "Add run CCleaner" to recycle bin context menu is ticked, also "Open CCleaner" option to recycle bin context menu is ticked, would these settings do that?
In cleaner settings under "System" Empty recycle bin is NOT ticked.
Other security programmes are Spybot, Windows defender, adaware, and Blueyonder PC guard.
I have checked the settings options on these but cannot see where their is anyting referind to Recycle bin.
I like to check again things I have place in bin before I finally delete them.
Any Ideas???

  brundle 18:25 21 Aug 2006

right click recycle bin, select properties, make sure `do not move files to the recycle bin, delete immediately` is not ticked

  wolfie3000 18:28 21 Aug 2006

Well one way to sort this problem is to do what i do,
Place a folder on your desktop and name it JUNK or something like that, then you can put in what you want to get rid of in there before you send it to the recycle bin.

  Hetti 18:42 21 Aug 2006

Thanks Guys
I did as you said Brundle (easy when you know how LOL)
Wolfie Ill stick to the first suggestion thanks for taking the time to reply!

  €dstowe 18:44 21 Aug 2006

I have a machine that behaves like that, Hetti and I just cannot find out why or how it does it. Most of the time it doesn't matter very much but I think Wolfie's idea is sound and I'll be setting that folder up ASAP.

  sean-278262 19:00 21 Aug 2006

Have you checked the Recycle bin is not set too small. If a file goes in and the space allocated is too little to hold the contents the oldest files will be removed without asking. I use this to keep on top of things. I never delete things I let it purge them one by one over time that way it gives me time to correct any errors in deleting.

  Strawballs 19:38 21 Aug 2006

Isn't there an option to empty recycle bin when closing down?

  Stuartli 20:02 21 Aug 2006

If you right click on the Recyle Bin on the Desktop a menu will appear, also look in its Properties.

  €dstowe 22:36 21 Aug 2006

I've tried all sorts of ways to sort the damned thing - increasing capacity, clicking this, unclicking that but it remains just as awkward. It is one of ten almost identical machines and it's the only one that's like it.

  johnnyrocker 00:23 22 Aug 2006

run sfc /scannow and see if that resolves?


  €dstowe 06:42 22 Aug 2006

Hmmm... done that - no change As I said at first, it's not a major problem, just a minor annoyance. I've made a desktop junk folder like wolfie suggested.

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