What else have I missed?

  Diver14 21:45 19 May 2003

It occurred to me the other day that, like many people who visit this forum only 3-4 times per week, that I must often miss out on important information mentioned in the various postings.

A prime example was the "update" that microsoft released the other week causing everyones PC to slow to a crawl. I was very lucky to log on to the forum the day that one of our well informed members was kind enough to tell us all about it.

If I hadn't managed to get onto the forum that night I could well have spent the next few weeks ripping the PC apart / re-installing the software trying to figure out the problem.

F.E. Is there somewhere these "major issues" could be listed for the people like me who aren't here 24/7?

Just a thought.

  Granger 21:56 19 May 2003

Why not have an "Alerts" page for poeple to post messages that don't need a reply, just to inform everyone?

I was lucky about that update too, I would have just installed it without another thought.

  VoG™ 22:20 19 May 2003

Why not just log in daily? Actually several times a day!

  Forum Editor 23:50 19 May 2003

if we incorporated every idea like this into the site it would become unwieldy and frankly......cluttered. And if we include one person's enhancement why not the other's - which ones would we exclude?

To be honest, if you only visit the forum 3 or 4 times a week you're bound to miss items of interest, and although you have a perfect right to decide the frequency of your visits you can't really expect us to keep you updated with news of what happens when you're not here.

  powerless 23:57 19 May 2003

Repalce it with "Latest news" as i seem ro read it AGAIN when the new monthly mag comes out.

  woody147 00:01 20 May 2003

which update is it that is causing everyone's pc to slow down, i've recently installed a fresh version of XP and am going to use microsoft update site to add service packs etc. are there any others i should beware of?

  powerless 00:03 20 May 2003


  Diver14 08:54 20 May 2003

You're right of course - It would be easy to bloat the site with everyones ideas but I was only really thinking about the REALLY important points rather than general interest points.

As Granger said, an Alerts page. After all, it's PC Advisors job to inform!

If it is not possible on the web site how about a page in the magazine - key points brought up in the forum.

  Diver14 13:58 20 May 2003

Thanks – you just helped to highlight the point I was making!!

I'd like to log in every day. Sometimes I can't.
(Have YOU tried telling your wife you can't go to visit her parents / go shopping etc because you won't be able to log on to this site!!!!! It's even harder to log on when your 'puter has just been thrown out the window)

It would be just my luck to miss out on a vital piece of info on just one of those days.

  MartinT-B 14:18 20 May 2003

I agree there should be 1 pinned thread which FE controls with latest info on it.

IE this Update, The virus alert last week. etc.

  Andsome 15:31 20 May 2003

I have 811493 installed with NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER

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